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Steinway model O grand piano

IN STOCK: Steinway Model O and M grands – comparison

Marcus discusses the difference between a Steinway model O and a Steinway model M, both fully restored from similar periods. The Steinway model O is from 1922 […]

Kawai Shigeru grand piano fallboard

Comparison between a Shigeru Kawai 2011 & Steinway model O grand pianos

As Marcus discusses, both pianos are designed to the highest standard. It is difficult to say which piano is better. The more modern Shigeru Kawai is likely […]

Bösendorfer 130 upright piano 1993 + comparison with grand pianos

 128cm high vs Yamaha YUS 131cm Sloping music stand on the Yamaha to let the sound out slighly from the front, giving the acoustic impression […]

Comparison: Restored Steinway model O rosewood 1912 vs black 1905

 Video transcription: This is a comparison between 2 Steinway model O grand pianos. That’s 5’10 1/2 inches long. This Steinway was made in 1912 and […]


Feurich Grand & Upright Pianos

Concert I, 218

Wendl & Lung Pianos

Advice to help you choose, buy or restore a feurich piano Wendl & Lung pianos From 2011 Wendl & Lung have joined forces with Feurich and […]
Steinway model D concert grand piano

Piano Advice

Piano Advice Grand or upright? If you aren't limited by space then all professional musicians will recommend buying the longest grand piano possible. This is because […]

Used Upright pianos

Top makes of used upright pianos   This is a typical Steinway model K upright from about 1910 to 1930. They are excellent when restored with […]

Used Yamaha Upright Pianos

Second hand Yamaha upright pianos Our main used Yamaha upright pianos for sale comprises mainly of fine quality Yamaha U1G, U1H, U3G and U3H upright pianos. […]