Top makes of German and Austrian pianos

These are generally considered to be the best in the piano world, owing to their rich tone and good action; they are also stunning to look at. Quality of tone, responsive touch and good looks are important characteristics we consider when looking to stock a piano. Here is a list of these pianos found in the UK, in a rough order of common to less common. For more detailed information please follow the links below.

Bechstein piano
The most common top German make found in the UK.
Top Makes - Bluthner
Before Bechstein overtook them in about 1902, Bluthner were the most common German grand pianos in the UK and Europe.
Top Makes - Steinway pianos
Steinways are often the preferred piano on the concert stage for most top venues

More top German and Austrian pianos

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Other makes

Other makers of pianos are listed on our Common Makes in the UK section.