Steinway grand pianos overview

Thank you for coming onto our Steinway grand page. We buy, restore and sell over 15 Steinway grand pianos each year and constantly try to improve our standards by attending Steinway and Renner courses regularly. We are especially fastidious in making sure the touch and tone are as fine and possible.

We also have an in-house traditional French polishing team and also commission other companies if we need a modern polyester black finish.

We have over 50 videos which we hope will help you understand Steinway restoration. Please see our video channel.

Help in choosing a restored or used Steinway grand piano

Comparison Between Steinway Grand Pianos: S, M & O

Common models

  • Model S 5ft 1″ commonly found in mahogany, restored Steinway S’s are often refinished in black.
  • Model M 5ft 7″, normally in Mahogany; restored model M’s are often refinished in black. All with square tapered legs.
  • Model O 5ft 10” usually in Rosewood or Mahogany. Early model O’s had turned legs and later it changed to square tapered. Model O’s are about 40% of all Steinway pianos available. The best have a rich, full and powerful tone
  • Model A 6ft 3″ normally found in rosewood or mahogany, earlier ones with turned legs and later with square tapered. The best have a rich, full and powerful tone. (They make up for 20% of Steinway pianos)
  • Model B around 7ft, these are uncommon second hand pianos, and much sought after
  • Model D 8ft 10“, concert grands; older used ones usually need extensive reconditioning

black model o steinway grand pianos

A Steinway model O grand piano

I thought I would send you a few lines expressing my gratitude to you and your team

I thought I would send you a few lines expressing my gratitude to you and your team for the fantastic job they have all made in reconditioning my Steinway grand piano. The outcome is a beautiful piano, the rosewood veneer now looks just like it was over hundred years ago. Truly magnificent and the polishing by Mana was a great work of art. The high polish looks fabulous in the snooker/piano room. The interior again looks like brand new and is joy to behold. The sound is splendid, I just wish for the first time in my life that I had carried on with my piano lesson so that I could enjoy playing it now. To say I am pleased with the result is an understatement. The men who did the actual removal and reinstallment were extremely nice and very courteous I would be more than happy to recommend your Company at any time.

Robert Cranmer-Brown

Unlike other instrumentalists who can carry their instruments with them…

Unlike other instrumentalists who can carry their instruments with them, pianists are more reliant than most musicians on the people who maintain and care for the instrument. For that reason there has always been a strong relation between pianists and piano makers, technicians and tuners (e.g. Beethoven and Broadwood, Chopin and Pleyel, Liszt and Bechstein, Gershwin and Steinway, Richter and Yamaha, etc.). Oxford is really fortunate in having Marcus Roberts and Roberts Pianos. He has shown the same care and attention to the need of the professional pianist as any of these famous names from the past. For my annual Oxford Summer Piano Series Marcus went out of his way to make sure I had a superb instrument on which to prepare 8 taxing recital programmes while visiting the city, and his help has been invaluable. I would also not hesitate in recommending his business to the amateur pianist as much as the professional. All budding pianists, of whatever age and whatever level of skill, should always have access to the best instruments available, and Roberts Pianos, whose instruments are superbly maintained, is in a unique position to help.

Jack Gibbons

Table of models

O5’10”1900  The Steinway model O is one of the more common models of Steinway in the UK. We often have several in stock.

Model Size Year introduced Information
S 5’1″ 1936

Information. The rarest size of used Steinway; out of 100 Steinways in the UK about one will be a model S.

 The main competitor to the S is the 4ft 11in Bluthner model IV baby grand which is much more common.

See our stocklist for availability.

M 5’6″, 5’6″ 3/4, 5’7″ 1911, 1914, 1918 Steinway model M, also known as the "medium grand" is a common grand that we have in stock. Highly recommended for medium to mid-large sized rooms. Often available in rosewood or more modern polyester black. A resonant mid-sized grand from the German manufacturer. See our stocklist for availability. Information
O 5’10 1/2 c1900 The model O is one of the most common Steinways available. Formerly manufactured in New York; manufactured in Hamburg from about 1900. More information
L 5’10 1/2″ 1923 Manufactured in New York. More information
A 6’1" 1878  The A was the shortest model up to about 1900. The Steinway model A is a resonant mid-sized Steinway grand. Recommended for medium to large sized domestic settings. Mainly old-styled ones available in the UK with fretted music desk and elephant legs. Information
A II 6’2″ 1896 Formerly Manufactured in New York now manufactured in Hamburg from 1923. More information
A III 6’4″ 1/2 1913- 1947
B 6’11″, 6’10” 1872, 1884 The model B Steinway grand is an excellent piano suited for medium to large concert spaces or large domestic environments. The length makes for a clear tenor section and longer keys allow greater dynamic expression. More information
C 7’1″, 7’2″,
7’3″, 7’5″
1861, 1870,
1884, 1885
 Discontinued in 1913 but is occasionally produced in Hamburg from 1923. More information
D 8’5″, 8’6″, 8’9″,
8’10”, 8’10”
1859, 1869,
1876, 1884, 1915
 Information. Steinway model D is the largest Steinway grand piano. Used in many top concert halls and conservatories around the world. We do occasionally stock these. However, they are rare on the market and most concert halls sell them once they have been well used. Occasionally you can find modern model D's for sale that were used as hire pianos.

Frequently asked questions

Is my Steinway worth restoring?

Almost every Steinway grand is worth restoring. Uprights vary in terms of investment value of restoration. Please inquire for a free valuation.

How can I maintain my Steinway?

Keep the room from being too dry or too damp. Use a damp cloth to clean wooden cases and barely damp for polyester. We do not recommend cleaning the dampers yourself, it is best to ask your tuner to do so