Used Yamaha Grand Pianos

Brief history of Yamaha pianos including models and prices

It’s from 1966 that we first see Yamaha pianos in Europe. These early models sound the most like German pianos, with a good deep mellow tone throughout the range. They are more expensively constructed with top quality soundboards, excellent hammers, wooden pedal mechanisms on uprights and mostly wooden action parts. As the Korean and later the Chinese factories began to produce large numbers of pianos in competition with Yamaha, so the Yamaha piano started to be made more economically. Wooden parts were replaced by plastic or aluminium, though lately there has been a return to wooden action flanges. The tone also started to lack the rich depth that it previously had. The gradual brightening of tone is evident until about 1990, when Yamaha brought out what they called a hand-built piano, grands starting at £28,000 and uprights at £7,699. Yamaha now operate a two-tier system with top quality pianos made in Japan and their basic and mid-range grands and uprights made in Indonesia, the UK and elsewhere. For more information please view our main Yamaha piano page

 yamaha grand Piano

Buying a used Yamaha grand piano

u1h yamaha upright piano by yamaha pianos

We’ve been selling Used Yamaha grand pianos for over 20 years and sell over 10 used Yamaha grands each year. They are carefully regulated, the bass strings are replaced if they have lost their tone. We then finely run some final checks before tuning them and guarantee them for 5 years.

Yamaha GB1

The new Yamaha GB1 baby grand sounds reasonable at first but unfortunately shows up as not being well made when it comes to tuning and maintaining it. Economy has been the watchword in making this piano. They have also left out the hugely advantageous adjustable music desk which is standard on practically all baby grand pianos. If you’re looking for a budget priced baby grand then you’re much better off choosing a baby grand from the 1920s or 30s, during this time Yamaha were in competition to make the standard of baby grands to a very high quality; the baby grands are also a good choice if you have a small spaces. Baby grands also hold a good tone and provide good performance considering they are much cheaper. Alternatively, if you prefer to buy a new piano, we recommend the respected Austrian firm Wendl and Lung (merged with Feurich in May 2011, whose name they are now using). Their 161cm and 178cm grand pianos are finely designed and very well finished off.

gb1 yamaha baby grand piano by yamaha pianos

Most common used Yamaha grand pianos in the UK in order of length:

ModelDate of manufactureDimensions (WxHxD)ColourWeightNo. pedals
G1B1988 – 1990148 x 101 x 160Black polyester285kg3
G1E1990149 x 101 x 161Black Polyester290kg3
G2E1971 – 1985148 x 101 x 169Black Polyester300kg2
G2A1985 – 1988148 x 101 x 169Black Polyester300kg3
G2B1988 – 1990148 x 101 x 169Black Polyester300kg3
G2E1990149 x 101 x 173Black Polyester300kg3
G3E1971 – 1990148 x 101 x 183Black Polyester310kg. 315kg (1990 onwards)2 (3 from 1990 onwards)
G3A1985 – 1988148 x 101 x 183Black Polyester310kg3
G3B1988 – 1990148 x 101 x 183Black Polyester310kg3
G3E1990149 x 101 x 183Black Polyester315kg3
G5E1971 – 1985148 x 101 x 197Black Polyester330kg2
G5A1985 – 1988148 x 101 x 197Black Polyester330kg3
G5B1988 – 1990148 x 101 x 197Black Polyester330kg3
G5E1990149 x 101 x 200Black Polyester340kg3
C31979 – 1985148 x 101 x 183Black Polyester335kg2
C3A1985 – 1988148 x 101 x 183Black Polyester315kg3
C3B1988 – 1990148 x 101 x 183Black Polyester315kg3
C3E1990149 x 101 x 186Black Polyester320kg3
C51979 – 1985148 x 101 x 197Black Polyester357kg3
C5A1985 – 1988148 x 101 x 197Black Polyester330kg3
C5B1988 – 1990148 x 101 x 197Black Polyester335kg3
C5E1990154 x 102 x 212Black Polyester380kg3
C71979 – 1983155 x 102 x 223Black Polyester415kg3
C7A1983 – 1988155 x 102 x 223Black Polyester395kg3
C7B1988 – 1990155 x 102 x 227Black Polyester397kg3
C7E1990155 x 102 x 227Black Polyester330kg3

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