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From 2011 Wendl & Lung have joined forces with Feurich and are using the Feurich name. For details of Feurich pianos click here. Wendl & Lung are an Austrian firm. They have a dedicated team of young musicians and technical staff whose goal is to produce top quality grand and upright pianos at affordable prices. From 2011 Julius Feurich joined the team. The factory is in China (the second largest in 2011), but the piano is designed by and under the strict quality control of European technicians.

The tone

The tone of the pianos is rich and mellow, with a subtle “European” quality, and the action smooth and responsive. We hold stock of the Feurich Professional I grand piano, Feurich Professional II, and also the upright 122 Universal. They provide an excellent alternative to the new Yamaha range, are more subtle in tone and are the choice of an increasing number of musicians. See also our comparison of Wendl & Lung uprights and grands with Yamaha.

Models of Feurich pianos

Professional II, 178cm

This Feurich grand piano stands out from its equivalent competitors not only on tonal quality but also on price and construction. Quality checks are carried out in Austria before it is shipped to the UK (2011 onwards. From 2012 Feurich have a base in the UK too where they are further checked and toned). Its soundboard is made with solid spruce held together in a cast iron frame.

Feurich 178 grand piano
Feurich 178
feurich 161 grand piano
Feurich 161

Professional I, 161cm

The 161 Feurich professional 1 is the most popular Feurich grand piano of its class. It is practical in size and maintains the stylistic design, build and tonal quality of the Professional II. Recommended by many for its good tonality and great price. This rivals most equivalent priced new baby grand pianos and we highly recommend it. This piano has been well constructed with a solid spruce sound board and polyester finish.

Universal, 122cm

As its name suggests, the 122 – Universal appeals to players of all levels, from Classical to Jazz. It has a subtle “European” tone, and very responsive touch.

Feurich 122 upright piano
Feurich 122
Feurich Pedal
Feurich fourth harmonic paper

Feurich’s unique fourth “Harmonic” pedal

The pedal is half depressed, the dampers lift off until a note is played, upon which that damper falls down on the strings, causing the note to shut off. Meanwhile all the other strings continue to vibrate in sympathy creating a sound resembling playing the piano in a large room such as a church. For more details, please see www.feurich.com and www.wendl-lung.com

Possible finishes (Please enquire for W&L prices and availability)

Finishes Professional I (161cm Grand) Professional II (178cm Grand) 122 Universal (Upright)
Black Polished Y Y Y
White Polihed Y Y Y
Mahogany Polished Y Y Y
Bordeaux Polished Y
Walnut Polished Y
Black Satin Y
Cherry Satin Y
Mahogany Satin Y
Walnut Satin Y
Beech Satin Y
Maple Satin Y
Bordeaux Satin Y