Top makes of used pianos

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Bechstein pianos

We usually stock two or three 1890 – 1920 grand pianos from 6ft to 6ft 7in and two or more uprights 1902 to 1930. Modern Bechstein grands 1960 – present are also excellent domestic pianos. Uprights are relatively common, the model 9 and 10 being the ones we usually stock. Please see our Bechstein page

Bluthner pianos

Restored grand pianos 5ft to 6ft 3in are some of our most common stock items of traditional grand pianos. Ideal domestic pianos – rich warm tone and not too powerful. The older ones to about 1915 have very beautiful rosewood casework and the smaller ones from about 1920 to 1939 are usually figured mahogany. Please see our Bluthner page.

Bosendorfer Pianos

Often preferred to Steinway in the concert hall. Smaller Bösendorfers from 1900 to 1935 make ideal domestic pianos being subtle in tone yet powerful when required. Uprights are uncommon. We try to source the superb 130 model from about 1910 to present day.

Fazioli Pianos

Not common yet but increasing in number; they only make grand pianos. The smaller grands are especially fine. We normally have a list of clients who have Fazioli grands for sale but rarely take them into stock due to their high prices. Please enquire.

Feurich pianos

The West German factory produces very refined pianos; the inexpensive range are designed by West German and Austrian technicians but made in China. Please see our Feurich page

Grotrian Steinway pianos logo

We are very fond of Grotrian uprights from about 1910 to 1930 and usually have one or two in stock if we can find them! Modern Grotrian grands are excellent and we stock them when they come available. We can get older Grotrian grands to order. Please see our Grotrian page.

Kawai pianos logo

Established in Hamamatzu, Japan in 1927. The period of manufacture from about 1965 until about 1990 is of an exceptionally high standard. Today the less expensive Kawai uprights and grands are assembled in Indonesia. However parts are made in Japan and the standard is high for the price range; we usually stock two or three Kawai uprights and two or more grands. For information on new Kawai pianos please see our Kawai pages.

Steinway & Sons pianos logo

We usually have two or three used Steinway grand pianos and two or three Steinway uprights in stock. Steinway pianos are naturally powerful in tone, so if you’re thinking of purchasing one, make sure your room can take the volume! Please see our Steinway page for more details.

Yamaha pianos logo

The top quality “hand built” new Yamahas are of very fine quality. However we do not recommend the inexpensive ones such as the GB1 baby grand which is manufactured in Indonesia; while a good piano for its size it doesn’t have an adjustable sliding music desk. Please also see our Yamaha pages.