IN STOCK: Steinway Model O and M grands – comparison

Marcus discusses the difference between a Steinway model O and a Steinway model M, both fully restored from similar periods. The Steinway model O is from 1922 whilst the model M is from 1929. A close and similar period of Steinway manufacture.

We would like to add that these pianos come with a 10 year guarantee for faults in mechanism not related to humidity. Each piano has new pins and a new pinblock where necessary to ensure the piano stays in tune, damaged felts and action parts have been replaced.

An interesting section of this video is the tone comparison between both pianos, a longer Feurich and similar Feurich grand piano. Feurich make exceptional pianos in the mid-price range of the market, well worth looking into if budget constraints apply. However, a Steinway will always maintain its value more comparatively to most other brands, even top brands.

Marcus also highlights that older pianos have a lighter touch, partly due to manufacture, partly due to wearing in of the piano. See the full video for more Marcus’ description.

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