Steinway Upright Pianos

Steinway upright pianos makes excellent instruments, it offers a fine firm touch and rich tone. Black, mahogany, rosewood, and sometimes walnut are the most common colours that you can find on a Steinway upright. Mahogany became a popular colour in the 1920s.

  • 35% of Steinway uprights are Model V –  approximate dimensions: Height 125cm, Length 152,5cm and depth 67,5 cm.
  • 55% of Steinway uprights are Model K; they are about 132cm tall, 152.5cm long and 68cm deep. Rosewood and black are the common colours from 1880 to 1920;  after about 1920 mahogany became common. Modern Steinway uprights from about 1960 are generally black polyester with about 5% in other colours, mainly mahogany and walnut. Note that many pre. 1900 Steinway uprights have 85 keys (up to A) rather than the usual 88 keys (up to C). However these extra three notes are rarely used and are not required for exam pieces.
  • 10% of Steinway uprights pianos are other models such as N, E, or Z.


Steinway model K upright piano

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Important note

Smaller modern Steinway uprights (up to about 115cm tall) from the 1950s do vary in quality. In fact Steinway Hall in London didn’t keep any in stock in the 1980s but rather had small Knight upright pianos instead. It is an excellent small upright, still available on the second hand market. At Roberts Pianos We generally have 3 or 4 Knight pianos in stock at a time, along with top quality Welmar uprights (when available). For a list of past and present Steinway Pianos in stock click here.