Sell my Bösendorfer piano

We purchase Bösendorfer grand and upright pianos. If you are looking to sell your piano please contact us here (At this stage, you don’t need to send any photographs, though they would be useful to assess more accurately how much your piano is worth.)


Bosendorfer grand pianos

Established by Ignaz Bösendorfer In 1828, Bösendorfer is the oldest piano manufacturer still producing its own instruments today and has had a history of producing some of the finest instruments in the world.
The Bösendorfer sound is usually described as darker or richer than the more pure but less full-bodied sound of other pianos like the Steinway or Yamaha pianos. On the Imperial Grand, this is due in part to the inclusion of 9 additional bass notes below bottom A (the Imperial Grand has 97 keys, compared to the more usual 88). The strings for these notes are not often struck, since very little music has been composed to make use of them. However, the strings for these notes do resonate when other strings in the piano are struck, and their presence contributes to the additional body in the tone of these pianos.
Reference: Bösendorfer for more in depth information on Bosendorfer click here


The first stage of our piano valuation service, begins with an email containing the information below. Answer these questions as best as you can as that will help us give you a more accurate estimate.


  • Is it an upright or a grand piano?
  • Make of piano, height of upright or length of grand(measured from the front of the keys to the back of the piano)
  • Serial number if available
  • How much use has the piano had, if known
  • Is the casework in original condition as far as you know
  • Brief comments on the condition of the piano in general

Send your email to


  1. The piano taken from the front slightly to one side (for grand pianos please make sure the lid is up and the music desk is shown) – Grand / Upright
  2. Close-up of the keys and name – Grand / Upright
  3. Close-up of the front with the lid closed – Grand / Upright
  4. The serial number of the piano on the frame or elsewhere if you can find it – Grand / Upright
  5. About 10 hammers in the mid treble taken from above showing the indentation in the end of them – Grand / Upright
  6. The strings and tuning pins taken towards from the middle, showing where the strings are wound onto the tuning pins – Grand / Upright
  7. The soundboard behind or under the strings – Grand / Upright
  8. Any obvious defects

For a quote on your piano please click here with piano make, model, serial number, estimated age and pictures of the piano. Other makes of piano that we are looking for: Challen, Fazer (upright), Feurich, Gors and Kallman, Ibach, John Broadwood, Kaps (upright), Kawai, Kemble, Knight, Richard Lipp (grand), Sauter, Seiler, Steinway, Welmar,… Please enquire for other makes.