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Piano Tuning

Tuning of Steinway, Bluthner, Bechstein and other top quality makesRoberts Pianos is fortunate to have tuned for concerts, universities, recording studios and our domestic clients for over 30 years.

Piano Tuning

We recommend tuning every 6
months, to keep the piano close to A440 pitch, and avoid any notes slipping. For a school, concert hall or recording studio this may be per performance, client or rehearsals. We provide our team of trained tuners in and around Oxford. And can recommend piano tuners in many parts of the country.

Pitch Raising

If the piano has not been tuned for a while, it may require pitch raising. Pitch raising, unlike tuning, is the art of stretching the strings in one go to be above A440. The art is stretching them just enough, so that they fall back to A440. Then they can be tuned accurately. This is recommendable, especially if you play with other musicians.

Other Adjustments

Our tuners can discuss minor adjustments all the way to larger work required to take the piano to its best touch and tone. Restoration ranges from minor key tightening, double bouncing hammers, to hammer toning to change the tone, all the way to major re-pining/re-stringing and other major restoration. In most cases, a few minor adjustments are required.

Tuning enquiry

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We can only tune pianos that are in the UK.

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If known
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