Comparison between a Shigeru Kawai 2011 & Steinway model O grand pianos

As Marcus discusses, both pianos are designed to the highest standard. It is difficult to say which piano is better. The more modern Shigeru Kawai is likely to have a ‘slightly’ more sensitive touch. Whilst the Steinway model O is a matured instrument, especially the soundboard. Which we have yet to replace, but repair. So as to preserve the original tone, and woods. Which at the period these grand pianos were made, was a very high standard.

We recommend coming to try both for yourself. As Marcus points out the tone of a Kawai is rich, generally softer, whereas a Steinway sings, with brilliant yet more dominance. Room size may come in to play, as a large grand piano with a powerful tone will comfortably play in a mid-large sized room whereas a softer German piano like a Bluther IV grand piano suits smaller rooms. Also shown by Marcus.

We would like to show you more of our pianos in detail in our shops and showrooms both in Oxford and Sevenoaks. Please come and play each piano to see for yourself.

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