Grotrian Steinweg pianos

Grotrian Steinweg was founded in 1858 when Friedrich Grotrian and Heinrich Steinweg joined forces. Later Heinrich Steinweg moved to the USA and changed his name to Steinway. Both had individually started their own businessnes previously creating pianos; Grotrian moved from Germany to establish his business in Moscow in 1835 and Steinweg finished his first square piano; since then five or six generations of Grotrian family members have taken over the business and have kept the standard and quality of craftsmanship at a high level.

In 1865 Grotrian family took over completely. “Most of their pianos are built with a homogenous soundboard which allows for a unique sound and hit of the strings, others are built with a iron frame to allow for free vibrations in the inner system. These systems make the Grotrian unique and have provided years of quality sound and excellence.” (quote from the Grotrian website)


Boudoir Grand 160

Concert Grand 185

Concert Grand 275

Overstrung Model 120