IN STOCK White Feurich 161 baby grand piano

We prefer this to the new 161 with the LED light. We aren’t sure the fixed LED light is a good idea in the long term. We are yet to get response on the maintenance of the LED lights, if it should wear. We prefer to have them non-fixed and placed separately.

We have a Yamaha G3 due in stock soon, also in the size category of the Feurich. Other longer options are the Yamaha G3, G5, C7 and Feurich 218 small concert grand. At the top of the grand piano category are Steinway, Bechstein, Blüthner, Bösendorfer. All of which can be seen in our ‘German & Austrian Pianos’ pages. If you want the very best in sound, or looking for a piano to leave as inheritance, we recommend the top European brands.

Also due in soon is a Yamaha grand piano in off-white. For a full view of stock, view our up-to date stocklist.

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