Container of Yamaha’s just in stock

We regularly restock our Yamaha pianos. Our provider from Japan, sources them from domestic environments, in most cases they have not been overly played, if so worn parts are restored by our provider before we recieve them.

Very popular in Europe, we prefer the older 70s and early 80s models, which we pick by serial number and condition. We only recommend Japanese Yamaha’s and stock the U3H and G upright piano, the G and C series grand pianos. All made in Japan.

We are also very fond of Kawai, another respected Japanese manufacturer. And recommend staying away from Young Chang and alternative brands without a track record of craftsmanship, design, and heritage.

For the very top range of Japanese piano we recommend the hand built series YUS and CFX grand pianos. Which we occasionally have in stock. However, if you are going to spend that much money budgeted, we would most often point you in the direction of a German and Austrian piano. As the tone, original craftmanship, heritage, and history make for a legacy inheritance.

For a full list of current pianos, please see our stocklists. We update it daily, currently we have several top end German/Austrian grands and uprights, as well as Japanese, and British pianos.

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