Bosendorfer 170 & Steinway model M Comparison

Both pianos are 170 cm long 5″7′ long. Both restored with perfect ivory keys, new German strings.

The Steinway grand has been restored to the original design with German Abel hammers, German strings, and felt colour matching. Also included is a Canadian maplewood multilayered pinblock for extra tuning durability.

Steinway made this Rosewood two pedal piano in Hamburg in 1925, Bosendorfer in 1916.  In their Vienna factory.

Steinway toned throughout including unacorda pedal toning. With original Abel hammers, correct for the period.

The height of  the Steinway can be raised with castor cups, as is quite low.

Toning the 'Una Corda' pedal

Bosendorfer have included 3 pedals, one extra middle ‘sostenuto’ pedal. Used to sustain notes underneath a passage, usually a bass pedal. Recommended for concert pianists. However, rarely implemented on many pianos, therefore redundant on grade pieces, and not required. Una corda pedal includes a unique variation to tone that can be heard around 2:00, a softer tone than without the una corda.

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