Steinway Model B & Yamaha S6 Handcrafted Comparison

The Steinway model B grand is Germany 1980 fully restored in every detail. With new bass and treble strings it has been refinished exactly as a new piano would be. It has new Steinway hammers, shanks and rollers. The action has been weighted and is regulated to feel exactly like a new action would. Very accurately adjusted including turning the una-corda pedal so when it moves over it makes a different tone.

Tone wise [1:58] is is mellow with slightly more clarity in tone. The treble sings very clearly and the top treble is slightly brighter.


Both are exceptional pianos and fine to play. The Steinway just about wins in the tone and tonal colour comparison, Yamaha on touch. However this is splitting hairs. You’ll certainly pay less for the Yamaha. The Steinway is a better investment on resale, potentially worth more in the future than what you paid for it! We have many top quality pianos for sale in our Oxford and Sevenoaks showrooms. Click here to view our stock.

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Yamaha S6 Japanese grand piano

Built to a similar template, both pianos are semi-concert or small-concert hall instruments measuring between 211-12 centremetres (6ft 9inches).

You’ll pay less for the Yamaha although there aren’t many available on the second hand market. This is the first one we’ve ever had.

The Yamaha in the video was made in about 2006 and had about less than 1.5 hours of playing every day. Therefore it is pretty immaculate and has had very little use. We did very litlte toning and hardly did any regulation as due to the lack of use, it was in very good condition. Only fine regulation was required.

Sound wise [0:45] the Yamaha S6 is mellow in tone with a rich tenor area

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