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RPPianoTypeDescriptionSerial NumberYearPriceHxWxDLocationImage
2130914Steinway model BGrandSOLD German Steinway grand piano in perfect condition, minimal use, finely voiced; in black. 5yr g'tee5359291995£49500100x148x211Oxford Shop2130914 Steinway model B Case 2 Pianos for sale
2130704Fazioli 278Grand New £100,000+. Made in Italy; one of the longest concert grand pianos with rich tone and very refined touch; in black. 5yr g'tee27803201990£47500100x155x278due in2130704 Fazioli 278 Case Pianos for sale
2140416Bosendorfer 92 keysGrand Fine Austrian piano with 4 extra bass keys; being fully restored, ready late July 2014;; in bright-black. 5yr g'tee231461921£40000100x155x225due innoimg Pianos for sale
2131215Steinway OGrand German grand piano, being fully restored; completion date May 2014; in black. 5yr g'tee2050861922£2700098x144x178due innoimg Pianos for sale
2130813Bosendorfer 170GrandSOLD 88 note perfect ivory keyboard; fully restored with new pin-block and German soundboard, Abel hammers, medium/light touch; very highly recommended;; in black polyester. 5yr g'teec23530c1925£26000100x152x170Oxford ShopBosendorfer Grand Case 022 Pianos for sale
2131211Bosendorfer 170Grand 85 note near perfect ivory keyboard. This piano has been internally restored to a very high standard; being French polished; due in late March 2014;; in black. 5yr g'teec1920£25000100x146x170due inBosendorfer 170 Case Pianos for sale
2131216Steinway model OGrand Fine German grand piano that as been re-conditioned and re-polished by Steinway;; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee1446641910£2500098x144x178Oxford WorkshopSteinway O Case 251 Pianos for sale
2130404Bechstein BGrand Modern German grand piano with perfect ivory keys, fitted with new Renner hammers; highly recommend; ; in black. 5yr g'tee1566161966£20000100x152x200Oxford Shop2130404 Bechstein B Case 001 Pianos for sale
2131218Bluthner style 8Grand Fully restored and newly repolished with new replacement roller action and soundboard by Bluthner;; in bright-black. 5yr g'tee912471913£1800099x151x190Oxford WorkshopBluthner 7 Case 252 Pianos for sale
2130611Seiler 206Grand Very little used, immaculate German grand of the highest quality; highly recommended for domestic concert work; in bright rosewood. 5yr g'tee1461471990£1750097x149x206Oxford Shop2130611  Seiler 202 Pianos for sale
2130903Bluthner Style 8Grand Restored German grand piano; French polished; highly recommended;; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee526911899£1750099x152x192Oxford ShopBluthner Style 8 Aliquote Case 2 Pianos for sale
2130306Bosendorfer 130UprightSOLD Austrian upright piano, very little used with fine touch and rich tone; in black. 5yr g'tee365751984£16000131x153x69Oxford ShopBosendorfer Upright Pianos for sale
2131223Bluthner Style 7Grand Piano undergoing restoration and French polishing; ready April 2014; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee563121900£1600096x147x197Oxford Workshop2131223 Bluthner  Keys Pianos for sale
2140303Bluthner style IVGrand Finest German baby grand with rich warm tone; being restored in our workshops, ready late April 2014 French polished; ; in mahogany. 5yr g'tee1158641931£1500097x146x154Oxford WorkshopBLuthner grand 3 Pianos for sale
2100701Steinway model NUpright Fine quality German upright piano; new action being fitted and full restoration.; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee804741894£14500137x156x71Oxford Workshop Pianos for sale
2140128Bluthner style 5Grand Beautifully polished and fully restored, including soundboard, giving a deep and bright sound. Responsive touch, Bluthner patent action; in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee807011909£13500100x151x174Oxford WorkshopBluthner Style V Case 241 Pianos for sale
2130909Bechstein model BGrand Restored German grand piano with a rich full tone; fully restored and French polished; in mahogany. 5yr g'tee135428c1929£12500100x148x200Oxford WorkshopBechstein B Keys 021 Pianos for sale
2130908Bechstein model AGrand Sheraton style grand, dual square tapered legs, restored in 1978; Fully restored and French polished; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee1247131924£12000100x147x183Oxford WorkshopBechstein A Square Tapered Legs 014 Pianos for sale
2130615Bechstein BGrand RENTED Very fine rich tone and light/medium touch newly French polished; in black. 5yr g'tee938721909£1100099x150x201due inDSCF4314b Pianos for sale
2131214SteinwayUpright Fine German upright piano; fitted with new Steinway hammers; rosewood 5yr g'tee; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee1303581908£11000133x155x69Oxford WorkshopSteinway Upright Vertegrand 00 Pianos for sale
2140304Bluthner Style 5Grand Newly French polished, warm rich sound, medium touch, patent action. Square tapered legs, ivory keys.; in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee1093091925£11000100x150x173Oxford WorkshopBluthner Grand Case 371 Pianos for sale
2140302Steinway KUpright American Steinway in near perfect condition with ivory keys, rich warm tone and responsive touch;; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee2050741921£10000132x156x69Oxford ShopDSCF5132b Pianos for sale
2131206Seiler model 132Upright Fine German upright piano with silent system; little use, new price over £18,000; in black. 5yr g'tee1669612001£9750132x149x63Oxford ShopSeiler Upright Piano 111 Pianos for sale
2140134Bluthner Style 7Grand German grand fully restored recently to a high standard; newly French polished. Full rich tone;; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee343531892£975096x147x197Oxford WorkshopBluthner 7 Case 001 Pianos for sale
2140206Kawai GM-10KGrand ADVANCE ORDERS 15 percent DISCOUNT, delivery time up to 3 weeks. ; in black. 5yr g'tee£9650102x150x150due inKawai GM 10K  Pianos for sale
2131108Kawai NX40Grand High Quality Japanese grand piano in black polyester; in black. 5yr g'tee21216001993£9500101x152x183Oxford WorkshopKawai NX40 Case 008 Pianos for sale
2130916Feurich 178Grand Top quality grand piano with rich tone and even touch, with chrome fittings and a chrome frame; in black. 5yr g'tee14320NEW£910097x148x178Oxford Shop2130916 Feurich 178 Case Pianos for sale
2140417Yamaha C3Grand Fine Japanese piano ; in bright-black. 5yr g'tee299055891979£8900101x149x180due innoimg Pianos for sale
2130503Steinway VUpright German upright piano; French polished; in oak. 5yr g'tee87932c1897£8500125x153x69Oxford Workshop2130503 Steinway V Case Pianos for sale
2140135Mason and HamlinGrand Newly French polished American boudoir grand piano, with full sound and medium-light touch. ; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee331851925£8500100x145x174Oxford WorkshopMason and Hamlin Grand 2 Pianos for sale
2140418Yamaha G2Grand Japanese baby grand; in bright-black. 5yr g'tee48818191990£8500100x143x170due innoimg Pianos for sale
2130915Feurich 161Grand Top quality new baby grand piano with rich tone and even touch; in black. 5yr g'teeF14143NEW£8000101x150x161Oxford ShopDSCF4459bb Pianos for sale
2140305Bechstein 7Upright Rarely available model 7 upright. Newly polished, 88 notes, original ivory keys in very good condition. Strong rich tone, medium touch.; in black French polish. 5yr g'tee689651904£8000138x161x66Oxford Workshopnoimg Pianos for sale
2131203Yamaha GB1Grand Small modern Yamaha grand piano; in black. 5yr g'teeJ24263162007£750098x144x150Oxford WorkshopYamaha GB1 Case Pianos for sale
2120205Kawai KG2Grand High quality Japanese piano; in black. 5yr g'tee8572061976£7200102x145x178Wesley MemorialKawai KG2 b Pianos for sale
2130910Grotrian Steinweg model 120Upright High quality traditional German upright with warm tone; in walnut. 5yr g'tee57868c1927£6900122x147x66Oxford Workshop2130910  Grotian Steinweg model 120 Case Pianos for sale
2130713Richard LippGrand High quality German grand piano with rich, even tone; in rosewood. 5yr g'teec.1915£6000100x151x200Oxford Workshop2130713 Richard Lipp  Case Pianos for sale
2130802Bechstein 10Upright Traditional good quality German upright piano; casework and action all in excellent condition having been fully restored in 2000 by reputable workshop. Commission sale - not available for rental; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee832611908£4900130x147x60Oxford Workshop2130802  Bechstein 01  Case Pianos for sale
2140132Bechstein 10Upright Quality German upright piano with warm tone;; in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee705311904£4800130x147x60Oxford Workshop2140132 Bechstein 10 A Pianos for sale
2140405Kawai K300UprightIn Black, with a 5yr g'teeK091765NEW£4450121x149x61Oxford Workshopnoimg Pianos for sale
2140210Yamaha U3HUpright Good quality upright piano; in Black. 5yr g'tee20176801975£4350130x154x65Oxford Workshopnoimg Pianos for sale
2140307Kawai K-200Upright Highly recommended new upright piano; in black. 5yr g'teeF091161NEW£4100114x149x57Oxford Workshop2130317 Kawai K 2 Case Pianos for sale
2140403Kawai K-200UprightHighly recommended new upright piano in black. 5yr g'tee 5yr g'teeF091892NEW£4100114x149x57Oxford Workshopnoimg Pianos for sale
2140204Yamaha U3MUpright Quality upright piano in with emaculate case, sensitive touch and pleasant tone;; in Black. 5yr g'tee36252121982£3950130x154x65Oxford Workshopyamaha u1 Pianos for sale
2140211Yamaha U1HUpright Good quality Japanese upright piano; in Black. 5yr g'tee27572511978£3950121x151x63Oxford Workshopyam011 Pianos for sale
2131220Yamaha U1AUpright Fine Japanese Yamaha upright piano; in Bright Mahogany. 5yr g'tee42422051986£3850123x150x62Oxford WorkshopYamaha U1A 01 Pianos for sale
2140308Feurich 122Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company. Excellent value; in black. 5yr g'teeF16211NEW£3800122x152x61Oxford Workshopfeurich 121 upright pianos 01 Pianos for sale
2140406Feurich 122Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company. Excellent value; in black. 5yr g'tee16078New£3800122x152x61Oxford Shopnoimg Pianos for sale
2131003Yamaha U3GUpright Japanese Yamaha upright piano; in black. 5yr g'tee12615841971£3750130x154x65Oxford ShopYamaha U3 105 Pianos for sale
2140129Yamaha U1 G Quality upright piano made in Japan.; in black. 5yr g'tee12453131971£3750121x151x63Oxford WorkshopYamaha U1G 061 Pianos for sale
2140207Yamaha U1HUpright Quality upright piano ; in Black. 5yr g'tee19504121975£3750120x151x61Oxford Workshopyam441 Pianos for sale
2131111KembleUpright Quality English upright piano; in Cherry. 5yr g'tee3002222000£3650117x152x58Oxford Workshop2131111 Kemble  Case 2 Pianos for sale
2140130KnightUpright Quality English upright piano.; in mahogany. 5yr g'tee664901981£3000112x140x55Oxford ShopKnight Upright Piano Case Pianos for sale
2140401Kawai CA95UprightTop quality digital piano with acoustic soundboard 5yr g'teeNEW£290093x147x48due inKawai ca95 Pianos for sale
2140126WelmarUpright Fine English upright piano, medium touch, warm mahogany case.; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee710661971£2750110x143x56Oxford Workshop2140126 Welmar Case 1 Pianos for sale
2140301WelmarUpright Good quality traditional piano.; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee744161974£2750111x143x57Oxford WorkshopWelmar 361 Pianos for sale
2140420WelmarUpright Fine Quality English upright piano with mellow tone.; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee812351981£2750109x144x57Oxford Workshopnoimg Pianos for sale
2131013Knight K10Upright Slimline. Fine small British piano with warm tone and sensitive touch; in walnut. 5yr g'tee444431968£2700112x140x55Oxford Workshop2131013 Knight K 10 Slimline Case 1 Pianos for sale
2131202Kawai CA65UprightSOLD Top quality digital piano; in rosewood. 5yr g'teeG179034New£2100Oxford Workshopnoimg Pianos for sale
2140136FazerUpright Made in Finland by well respected maker; highly recommended for study; in mahogany. 5yr g'tee81177 1984£1600109x145x55Oxford WorkshopFazer pianos Steinway pianos for sale Yamaha pianos for sale Image00005 Pianos for sale
2140202ZenderUpright Small 7 octave English upright piano, very good. Bright tone; in white. 5yr g'tee59889c1976£150099x133x47Oxford Workshop2140202 Zender Case Pianos for sale
2140133IbachUpright German over-damper piano with rich warm tone; in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee496381904£1400129x146x66Oxford Workshop2140132  Ibach Case aa Pianos for sale
2131006WindoverUpright Traditional English upright piano with warm tone and excellent touch; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee45748c1910£1250126x150x61Oxford WorkshopWindover 03b Pianos for sale
2100108Push up PianolaUprightA Push up piano player. It works by moving it to the piano and uses standard player rolls.£400Oxford WorkshopPush up Pianola 1 Pianos for sale
2121217Van Gruisen & SonSOLD Victorian style adjustable piano stool.£395Oxford ShopStool 01 Pianos for sale
2130210Adjustable Leather StoolSecond hand good quality adjustable leather stool£350due in Pianos for sale
2130217Large concert stool Used. Top Quality; adjustable;; in black.£300due innoimg Pianos for sale
2130912StoolA concert adjustable button top stool£300due innoimg Pianos for sale
2121218Antique stoolAdjustable 1yr g'tee£200due innoimg Pianos for sale
2130708Steinway Model OGrand Fine quality Steinway; good condition with a rich tone and even touch; rental only; ; in light walnut. 5yr g'tee2432921926£15097x146x180Oxford Workshop2130708 Steinway Model O Case Pianos for sale
2131009Steinway Model AGrand RESERVED. RENTAL ONLY Top quality Steinway piano in good condition; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee91268c1896£15097x146x186Oxford WorkshopSteinway Model A 034 Pianos for sale
2131106PetrofUpright Quality Czech piano; RENTAL ONLY £70/mth; in Black .478637c.1988£70126x146x58Oxford Workshop2131106 Petrof Case Pianos for sale
250919StoolsA large selection of new & old stools from £50, either adjustable or with storage inside. New stools - adjustable black or brown, often free with piano purchased. With velour (imitation velvet) tops in various colours, or leatherOxford Workshopimage pull 6 Pianos for sale
2100104Richard LippGrand German piano; undergoing full restoration; ; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee18435189697x143x180Oxford Workshop Pianos for sale
2110716Yamaha U1DUpright NOT AVAILABLE - Good quality upright Japanese Yamaha piano; in black. 5yr g'tee2842051963121x151x63due inYamaha pianos for sale, steinway pianos for sale, Yamaha pianos00011image Pianos for sale
2130509Stool AdjustableGood adjustable stool in need of upholsteryOxford WorkshopStool 1 Pianos for sale