Zender Pianos

Information about Zender pianos

Piano Make Zender
Made In London, England
Rating When Reconditioned
(see piano makes)
Estimated Number
Of Pianos In The UK
20,000. Nearly all very small uprights 1980 – 1990
Date Of Manufacture And Serial Number 1985 – 69125
1988 – 70255
upright piano by Zender pianos


Comments on this make
Sidney Zender contracted different factories with instructions to make the smallest 85 note piano possible. Some 6 octave pianos were also made. Sidney Zender told me that there were over 70,000 Zender upgright pianos made in the UK, mostly between the 60s to 80s. Most Zender pianos were reasonably made but if you are looking to buy one, it’s recommended that you get a good tuner to assess it first. see our small upright pianos page for alternatives

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