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RP:Piano:Type:Description:Serial Number:Year:Price:H x W x D/L:Location:
2160712Steinway OGrand Fully restored New York Steinway with German Steinway action parts; new equivalent over £70,000; highly recommended; in bright-black. 10yr g'tee2149101922£2500098H 144W 178L Oxford Workshop
2151231Steinway AGrand Fully restored; perfect ivory keys; 85-note; French polished; in rosewood. 10yr g'tee90831c1898£23500100H 148W 188L Oxford Shop
2150604Steinway OGrand German Steinway; fully restored including new wrest plank; in Rosewood. 10yr g'tee1085381902£2200097H 47W 177L Oxford Workshop
2160702Bechstein model C Grand Fully restored small concert or large domestic German grand piano with medium responsive touch and fine full tone; highly recommended; in bright-black. 10yr g'tee1262201926£19500100H 154W 225L Oxford Workshop
2160411Steinway OGrand RESERVED: Recently fully restored German Steinway; new equivalent over £70,000; highly recommended; in Rosewood. 10yr g'tee1661631914£1850098H 144W 180L due in
2151017Bechstein IIIGrand Fully restored in detail; this large domestic or small concert length grand has a fine rich sound. The action is light to medium in touch; in rosewood. 10yr g'tee603961902£1650099H 155W 241L Oxford Workshop
2160701Bechstein V Grand Small concert or large domestic grand piano, fully restored in detail; highly recommended; A beautiful instrument, with clear bright tone and refined medium touch; in bright-black with brass inlay. 10yr g'tee359531894£1650099H 150W 200L Oxford Workshop
2160709Steinway KUpright Fine German upright; just restored, immaculate and in perfect playing order with rich warm tone and medium responsive touch; in bright-black. 10yr g'tee1807281917£16000132H 155W 70D Oxford Workshop
2150813Bluthner Style VGrand Fully restored German baby grand piano; modern roller action; rich warm tone and responsive touch; in bright-black. 10yr g'tee1099811925£1550098H 145W 175L Oxford Shop
2160309Bluthner style 9Grand Fully restored in detail including French polishing; highly recommended; in rosewood. 10yr g'tee765691909£15500100H 150W 210L Oxford Shop
2160620Ibach FIIGrand A fine German grand; little used; warm tone and sensitive medium touch; highly recommended; in bright-back . 10yr g'tee1458601987£1400098H 152W 180L Oxford Workshop
2160605Steinway VUpright German Steinway with warm tone and light/medium touch; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee2932251938£13500123H 154W 69D Oxford Workshop
2151230Bluthner style IVGrand German baby grand piano of the highest quality; fully restored by Bluthners in about 1991; standard roller action; Perfect ivory keys, rich bass, medium/firm very responsive touch; highly recommended. in Walnut. 10yr g'tee116644c1932£13000100H 149W 150L Oxford Workshop
2160623Steinway VUpright Fine German upright piano with original case; in rosewood. 10yr g'tee1272701907£12500127H 153W 68D Oxford Workshop
2160716Bluthner Style IVGrandGerman baby grand piano; rich warm tone and responsive touch; 5yr g'tee1197251935£1250098H 145W 152L Oxford Workshop
2160720Yamaha C2GrandIn White, with a 10yr g'tee58881052001£12000HH WW LL Oxford Shop
2160601Bechstein VaGrand Recently restored German grand with warm bright tone and responsive touch; fully French polished; A highly recommended 88 note Bechstein with rich warm tone and medium/light touch; in rosewood. 10yr g'tee590111902£11500100H 146W 194L Oxford Workshop
2160711Bluthner style IVGrand High quality German baby grand piano with warm, mellow tone; in light-mahogany. 5yr g'tee1201431935£1100098H 150W 152L Oxford Workshop
2160310Feurich 178Grand Top quality grand piano with deep rich tone and even touch with chrome fittings and chrome frame; in black. 5yr g'teeF16404NEW£1040097H 148W 178L Oxford Shop
2151103Bluthner 5Grand New French polished case, ivory keys and a clear bright tone, strong deep bass. The hammers are new and it has a medium touch (patent action); in rosewood. 10yr g'tee1093091925£10000100H 151W 175L Oxford Workshop
2160206Bechstein BGrand Fully restored recently to a high standard - rich tone and very fine medium/light touch; ivory keys. Recently French polished. in black. 5yr g'tee938721909£850099H 150W 201L Oxford Workshop
2160703Bechstein model 8Upright Highly recommended; German piano with a rich tone; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee651241902£7000130H 158W 64D Oxford Workshop
2150926Kawai GM-10Grand Small grand piano, medium bright tone, moderate to firm action; RRP £8800; in black with brass fittings. 5yr g'teeF103390NEW£6900101H 150W 150L Oxford Shop
2160710Bechstein IIIUpright Good quality German piano with original ivory keys. This will be restrung and have wrestplank replaced; ready in September. in rosewood. 5yr g'tee591101902£6000127H 155W 63D Oxford Workshop
2160607Kaps Upright High quality German upright piano; being restored; ready by about August 1st; in walnut. 5yr g'tee202981898£5500130H 148W 67D Oxford Workshop
2160708Gors & Kallmann Upright Fine German upright from respected maker. Being reconditioned and French polished; ready August 2016; in mahogany. 5yr g'tee623611924£5500129H 147W 62D Oxford Workshop
2151212Yamaha U3HUpright Perfectly restored Japanese piano in black. 5yr g'tee22644761976£3950130H 154W 65D Oxford Workshop
2160604Feurich 122Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company. in Black. 5yr g'teeF20839New£3700123H 152W 60D Oxford Workshop
2160204Feurich 122Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company. in Black. 5yr g'teeF193452016£3700123H 152W 60D Oxford Shop
2160402Kawai K200Upright Fine quality piano with 5cm extra leg room for tall people; highly recommended; in bright-black. 5yr g'teeF112995NEW£3700114H 149W 57D Oxford Workshop
2151210Yamaha U1MUpright Perfectly restored Japanese piano; was £3750; in black. 5yr g'tee32333751981£3600121H 151W 65D Oxford Workshop
2151115Richard Lipp Upright **SOLD** Very fine upright piano; one of the best German upright pianos you can buy! Was £4000; in walnut. 5yr g'tee266341906£3500131H 159W 72D Oxford Workshop
2160307Chappell Upright Good English upright with full tone, including celeste rail/ practice pedal. Attractive case. in Patterned mahogany.. 5yr g'tee2196201986£3500117H 146W 57D Oxford Shop
2160408Knight Upright Top quality English upright in near perfect condition; little used; in mahogany. 5yr g'tee716731990£3000114H 146W 55D Oxford Workshop
2160704Kawai K-U3Upright Japanese upright piano, highly recommended; in black. 5yr g'tee3546651961£2950130H 150W 65D Oxford Workshop
2151020Bechstein IVUpright Fine German upright, medium to light touch; was £3300; in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee532171900£2900120H 148W 57D Oxford Workshop
2151202Yamaha U1DUpright Perfectly restored Japanese piano; was £3000; in black. 5yr g'tee4575191965£2900121H 151W 65D Oxford Workshop
2160610Kawai CA 97Digital Top quality digital piano with acoustic soundboard. Price includes Kawai storage stool and delivery. in Rosewood. 5yr g'teeG297377NEW£280093H 147W 48L Oxford Workshop
2160514Knight K10Upright Fine English upright piano with good full sound and medium touch. in Walnut. 5yr g'tee601441976£2650106H 140W 56D Oxford Workshop
2160140Knight K10Upright Top quality English upright. 88 notes, 3 pedals; in walnut. 5yr g'tee593091976£2500112H 141W 56D Oxford Shop
2160617Kemble Upright Fine condition, 3 pedals, 88 notes, medium to firm touch, clear but warm tone; in mahogany. 5yr g'tee2587771994£2350115H 150W 58D Oxford Workshop
2150814Welmar Upright Very good quality English upright piano. in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee856431985£2300120H 143W 60D Oxford Workshop
2160420Welmar Upright Good English upright piano with a mellow tone and light touch. in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee791661979£2300104H 142W 50D Oxford Workshop
2160714Welmar Upright Fine English piano, with a soft tone, light touch. in mahogany. 5yr g'tee554961955£2300110H 153W 57D Oxford Workshop
2160146Kawai CA67Digital A high quality home digital piano from Japanese manufacturer Kawai. Price includes Kawai storage stool and delivery. in Rosewood. 5yr g'teeG2866632016£205092H 146W 46L Oxford Workshop
2160143Kawai CA67Digital A high quality home digital piano from Japanese manufacturer Kawai. Price includes Kawai storage stool and delivery. in Black polish. 5yr g'teeG2674312015£205092H 146W 46L Oxford Workshop
2160511Kemble Upright Very small British upright; in our opinion possibly the best very small piano in the world in Crown Mahogany. 5yr g'tee1755301976£2000106H 131W 49D Oxford Workshop
2150909Grotrian Steinweg 120Upright Quality German upright piano with mellow tone; was £2500; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee632931935£1900122H 146W 65D Oxford Workshop
2160147Atlas A2DUpright Japanese upright piano in good condition in bright-black. 5yr g'tee3209171982£1900128H 149W 64D Oxford Workshop
2160705Fazer Upright A fine upright made in Finland, practice pedal, 88 notes, in walnut. 5yr g'tee in Walnut. 5yr g'tee750751983£1850105H 145W 52D Oxford Workshop
2160612Kawai CX-9Upright Modern compact piano with bright tone and medium touch; in bright black. 5yr g'tee17895771988£1650109H 145W 53D Oxford Workshop
2160417Zender Upright Very small upright piano; medium to firm touch; mellow tone. 7 octaves / 85 notes. in bright mahogany. 5yr g'tee51442c1980£1550100H 133W 47D Oxford Workshop
2160421Fazer Upright A fine upright made in Finland, includes celeste/ practice pedal, 88 notes.Tone is clear and bright, with medium to light touch; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee675091982£1500107H 145W 54D Oxford Workshop
2160501Kawai CN35Digital A high quality Japanese home digital piano. Price includes Kawai storage stool and delivery. in Rosewood. 5yr g'teeG266945New£140090H 139W 47L Oxford Workshop
2160707Kawai ES8Digital A high quality stage piano from Kawai. Also available with stand and pedal unit for a compact home digital piano. in Metalic black. 5yr g'teeG303987NEW£120015H 137W 37L Oxford Workshop
2160717Kawai CN25Digital A good value entry digital piano. Price includes Kawai storage stool and delivery. in satin black. 5yr g'teeG297162new£116087H 136W 41L Oxford Workshop
2141228Hidrau Adjustable Leather Stool StoolAdjustable concert leather stool "LONDON" 1yr g'tee£700HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2150919Casio AP-250Digital Casio digital piano for personal study. Free delivery. in black. 1yr g'tee925ADC5570361172015£50084H 138W 42L Oxford Workshop
2150807Hidrau BerlinStoolHigh quality concert leather piano stool. 5yr g'tee£450HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2151227Casio CDP-130Digital Lightweight full octave digital piano; sold without stand. in Black. 1yr g'tee913CDC55J2303622015£30013H 133W 28L Oxford Workshop
2160706Steinway MGrand FOR RENTAL ONLY: German Steinway in light rosewood. 5yr g'tee258778 1928£150100H 150W 178L Oxford Workshop
2160503Steinway OGrand American Steinway grand piano. Touch is medium/light and tone rich, warm and even; highly recommended. This piano is for RENTAL ONLY @ £120 per month. in black. 5yr g'tee274093 1932 £12097H 156W 179L St Michaels
2160619Petrof Upright High Quality Czech upright piano with warm tone, in black polyester. RENTAL ONLY @ £70/mth in Black . 5yr g'tee478637c.1988£70126H 146W 58D Oxford Workshop
2151114Richard Lipp Upright RENTAL ONLY, One of the best German upright pianos. in rosewood. 5yr g'tee195981898£60130H 152W 68D Oxford Shop

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