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RP:Piano:Type:Description:Serial Number:Year:Price:H x W x D/L:Location:
2150411Steinway model BGrand Fully restored German Steinway grand piano; 3 pedals; immaculate and highly recommended; in black. 10yr g'tee4448411975£44000100H 148W 211L Oxford Workshop
2140815Steinway BGrand German Steinway; 88 notes; fully restored including wrest plank; medium touch with rich tone; recommended for study; French polished; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee895231896£32500100H 145W 202L Oxford Workshop
2150312Steinway model AGrand Hamburg Steinway; immaculate; fully restored including wrest plank; highly recommended; in bright-black. 10yr g'tee1815551917£28000100H 148W 188L Oxford Shop
2150134Steinway MGrand German Steinway; fully restored; ivory keys; responsive action all renewed; ready June 2015; in bright-black. 10yr g'tee3617321958£27500102H 147W 170L due in
2150410Steinway OGrand Fully restored German Steinway; new equivalent over £70,000; original ivory key tops; highly recommended; in bright-black. 10yr g'tee2015861920£2750098H 144W 178L Oxford Workshop
2141213Steinway OGrand Recently fully restored German Steinway with perfect original ivory keys; French polished; in rosewood. 10yr g'tee233533c1925£2250098H 144W 178L Oxford Shop
2141219Steinway model MGrand German Steinway fully restored and repolished; medium/light touch; highly recommended; in bright-black. 5yr g'tee2480951926£2200096H 147W 170L Oxford Shop
2150142Bosendorfer 170Grand 88 note; 3 pedal; perfect ivory keyboard; fully restored with new pin-block. This is dream small piano, touch and tone better than new; in black polyester. 10yr g'tee216881916£21000100H 152W 170L Oxford Shop
2141019Bluthner Style 9 Grand Fully restored German piano with rich warm tone; French polished; highly recommended; in rosewood. 10yr g'tee696891905£19000100H 150W 210L Oxford Workshop
2150313Bechstein model VGrand Perfect German grand piano with brass inlay; original ivories; fully restored in every detail including new wrestplank; medium touch. in bright-black. 10yr g'teec.1885£1750098H 152W 200L Oxford Shop
2150315Bechstein LGrand Little used piano in decorative case with fine touch and tone; being restored and French polished; ready late April; in Louis XIV Walnut . 10yr g'tee1317591928£15000100H 148W 170L Oxford Workshop
2140928Yamaha C7B Grand Japanese Yamaha small concert grand piano new German bass strings; just returned from concert venue in Oxford in black. 5yr g'tee23927481977£14000102H 155W 227L Oxford Workshop
2150213Bluthner Style IVGrand Fine small German grand piano with cabriole legs and lyre shaped pedals; French polished; in walnut . 5yr g'tee1240241938£1250097H 146W 154L Oxford Workshop
2150407Steinway 88 noteUpright German, fully restored; immaculate with rich tone and fine touch; highly recommended;,Grand in bright-black. 10yr g'tee631221887£10000131H 151W 61D Oxford Workshop
2150144Feurich 178Grand There is a piano like this in our Sevenoaks showroom. Top quality grand piano with deep rich tone and even touch in Black. 5yr g'teeNEW£999597H 148W 178L due in
2140206Kawai GM-10KGrand ADVANCE ORDERS 15 percent DISCOUNT, delivery time up to 2 weeks. in black. 5yr g'tee£9650102H 150W 150L due in
2141107Grotrian Steinweg Upright Fine quality German upright piano with warm tone and even touch in figured-walnut. 5yr g'tee11014c.1899£9500125H 155W 45D Oxford Workshop
2150401Yamaha G5Grand Restored fine quality Japanese grand piano; ,Grand in bright-black. 5yr g'tee21937791976£9500102H 150W 200L Oxford Workshop
2150143Feurich 161 Grand There is a piano like this in our Sevenoaks showroom. Top quality new baby grand piano with clear tone and even touch, RRP £9750; in black. 5yr g'teeNEW£8500101H 150W 161L due in
2150311Bechstein 8Upright Fully restored in 1999, excellent condition, medium touch, very good replacement plastic keys. Excellent quality German upright. THIS PIANO CANNOT BE RENTED., in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee in Rosewood. 10yr g'tee839821908£7500130H 158W 64D Oxford Shop
2150403Mason and Hamlin Grand Newly French polished American boudoir grand piano, with full sound and medium-light touch. in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee331851925£7500100H 145W 174L Oxford Workshop
2150314Yamaha SU131SUpright Top of the range Japanese upright piano with little use; highly recommended musician's instrument. in black polyester. 10yr g'tee59668112001£7000130H 153W 65D Oxford Workshop
2150149Grotrian Steinweg 120Upright Fine quality German upright piano. Rich warm tone. Just finished French polish; ready to try but finishing action work mid March; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee425801922£6900124H 148W 67D Oxford Workshop
2140418Yamaha G2Grand Japanese baby grand; case reasonable but not perfect; high quality instrument; in bright-black. 5yr g'tee48818191990£6500100H 143W 170L Oxford Workshop
2140514Steinway VUpright German upright piano with rich warm tone and responsive touch; French polished,Upright in oak. 5yr g'tee87932c1897£5000125H 153W 69D Oxford Workshop
2140934Bluthner Upright Quality German upright piano with warm, even tone; medium light touch; in mahogany. 5yr g'tee1160791932£4500123H 148W 63D Oxford Shop
2141011Bluthner Upright Fine German upright piano with a mellow tone in black french polish. 5yr g'tee803581909£4500130H 148W 68D Oxford Workshop
2150310Bechstein 7Upright Excellent quality German upright. in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee978861911£4500138H 162W 67D Oxford Workshop
2141232Grotrian Steinweg 114Upright Fine modern German piano, moderate touch and a clear bright tone. in mahogany. 5yr g'tee1458631992£4000HH WW DD Oxford Shop
2150138Feurich 122Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company. in Black chrome fittings. 5yr g'teeF17987NEW£3650122H 152W 61D Oxford Workshop
2141013Feurich 122Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company. in Mahogany. 5yr g'teeF16142NEW£3650122H 152W 61D Oxford Workshop
2150139Feurich 122Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company. in Black chrome fittings. 5yr g'teeF18002NEW£3650122H 152W 61D Oxford Workshop
2150140Feurich 122Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company. in Black brass fittings. 5yr g'teeF17834NEW£3650122H 152W 61D Oxford Workshop
2150207Yamaha U3HUpright Superior quality Japanese upright piano, perfectly restored with mellow tone. in bright black. 5yr g'tee15494281973£3550120H 150W 63D Oxford Workshop
2150211Yamaha U3GUpright Superior quality Japanese upright piano, perfectly restored with mellow tone,Upright,Upright in bright black. 5yr g'tee12227181976£3450120H 150W 63D Oxford Workshop
2150210Yamaha U1HUpright Superior quality Japanese upright piano, perfectly restored with mellow tone; in bright black. 5yr g'tee16502941973£3250120H 150W 63D Oxford Workshop
2140819Yamaha P2Upright Japanese made piano with a warm mellow tone and responsive touch in oak. 5yr g'tee29632671975£3000112H 152W 58D Oxford Shop
2141220Kawai AT125Upright High quality Japanese-made upright piano with silent system. in black. 5yr g'tee22489931996£3000121H 150W 57D Oxford Workshop
2150306Bechstein 10Upright Old German upright, black French polish in black french polish . 5yr g'tee80262c.1905£3000130H 147W 60D Oxford Workshop
2150206Welmar Upright Fine quality small English upright piano in mahogany. 5yr g'tee811491981£2900121H 142W 57D Oxford Workshop
2141120Bechstein 10Upright Quality German upright, with warm tone. in Black. 5yr g'tee723681904£2900130H 147W 61D Oxford Workshop
2150214Yamaha U1HUpright Japanese upright piano. in black polyester. 5yr g'tee18102961974£2850120H 150W 63D Oxford Workshop
2141102Welmar Upright Very good quality English upright piano, beautiful warm coloured mahogany case. in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee856431985£2750120H 143W 60D Oxford Workshop
2141231Welmar Upright Fine English upright piano; highly recommended; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee750461975£2750120H 143W 59D Oxford Workshop
2150135Petrof 125Upright Petrof top of the range upright; recommended for study. Very good value. in black polyester. 5yr g'tee4114681984£2600125H 143W 58D Oxford Workshop
2150212Kemble Upright High quality upright piano with rich tone. in black polyester. 5yr g'teeJ261795962011£2600122H 153W 62D Oxford Workshop
2140510Feurich Upright Excellent quality German upright with even mellow tone,Upright in rosewood. 5yr g'tee271761912£2500125H 146W 68D Oxford Workshop
2141010Seiler 125Upright Fine German piano with rich tone and controlled touch in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee380151906£2500124H 150W 67D Oxford Workshop
2150305Knight K10Upright Fine English upright piano with good full sound in mahogany. 5yr g'tee731812000£2500113H 140W 56D Oxford Workshop
2150308Knight K10Upright Fine English upright piano with good full sound and medium touch. in Walnut. 5yr g'tee601441976£2500113H 140W 56D Oxford Workshop
2150302Yamaha U1HUpright Superior quality Japanese upright piano. Very good condition, medium touch. Photos are of a similar piano. in black polyester. 5yr g'tee14056291972£2400120H 150W 63D Oxford Workshop
2141131Kawai CS7Digital High quality black gloss digital piano from Kawai with wooden action in Black polyester. 1yr g'teeNEW£230096H 145W 47L due in
2150301Kemble Upright Dark mahogany upright, very good condition, 3 pedals, 88 notes, medium to firm touch, clear but warm tone. in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee2587771994£2300115H 150W 58D Oxford Workshop
2150202Welmar Upright Good English upright piano, with a warm sound, medium touch, and fine mid-coloured walnut case. Includes practice pedal (celeste) in walnut. 5yr g'tee1073221988£2200105H 143W 51D Oxford Workshop
2131202Kawai CA65DigitalSOLD Top quality digital piano in rosewood. 5yr g'teeG179034New£2100HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2150309Welmar Upright Fine English upright piano, medium touch. in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee710661971£2100110H 143W 56D Oxford Workshop
2141226Chappell UprightGood English upright with full tone, including celeste rail/ practice pedal. Attractive case. 5yr g'tee2196201986£2000117H 146W 57D Oxford Workshop
2150413Kawai Digital Piano CA-67Digital Very good quality digital piano with 88 fully weighted wooden keys, with "Ivory Touch"; also Grand Feel pedal system. Available in satin black, mahogany and rosewood. Headphone socket, USB, MIDI, line-in/out.,Digital in satin black, rosewood or mahogany.. 5yr g'teeG246642NEW£190091H 145W 48L Oxford Workshop
2150412Kawai Digital Piano CA-15 SBDigital Kawai say: A digital piano that performs as well as it looks. A beautiful, traditional looking instrument with advanced digital features.,Digital,Digital in Satin Ebony Finish. 5yr g'teeG201335NEW£140095H 145W 48L Oxford Workshop
2140519Kawai CN-34Digital Very good quality digital piano with 88 real wooden weighted keys; Grand Feel pedal system; available in black, cherry or rosewood; headphones, USB. in satin black. 1yr g'teeG184531NEW£120086H 142W 43L Oxford Workshop
2150404Zender Upright 6 octave small English upright piano. in Teak. 5yr g'tee51235c.1965£1200100H 114W 51D Oxford Workshop
2150146Chappell UprightOld English upright piano. 1yr g'tee448451906£800118H 135W 55D Oxford Workshop
2141228Hidrau Adjustable Leather Stool StoolAdjustable concert leather stool "LONDON" 1yr g'tee£700HH WW LL due in
2150414Casio AP-260Digital Casio digital piano for personal study ,Digital in Black. 1yr g'teeNEW£650HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2140606Kawai Digital Piano ES-100bDigital Stage piano, optional stand may be purchased. in satin black. 1yr g'teeX005936NEW£61015H 137W 36L due in
2141126Kawai ES100Digital Price does not include stand. Small and lightweight entry Kawai digital piano. Fully weighted with 88 notes complete keyboard. Good option for second study piano or for university dorms etc. in Black. 1yr g'tee£550HH WW LL due in
2150415Casio Privia PX-150Digital Fully weighted; good study piano, fitted with headphones for private practice. Lightweight for transporting to performances. With stand and pedal unit,Digital,Digital in Black. 1yr g'tee920ADC544083510NEW£48014H 132W 14L Oxford Workshop
2141108Hidrau BerlinStoolHigh quality concert leather piano stool. 1yr g'teeNew£450HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2130210Adjustable Leather Stool StoolSecond hand good quality adjustable leather stool 1yr g'tee£350HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2150205Casio CDP-120Digital Lightweight full octave digital piano. Price and light weight portability makes this a good piano for a university dorm practice digital piano; sold without stand. in Black. 1yr g'tee913ADC54J178165NEW£30013H 132W 28L Oxford Workshop
2141225Casio CDP-120Digital Lightweight full octave digital piano. Price and light weight portability makes this a good piano for a university dorm practice digital piano; sold without stand. in Black. 1yr g'tee913ADC54K183354New£30013H 132W 28L Oxford Workshop
2150204Casio CDP-120Digital Lightweight full octave digital piano. Price and light weight portability makes this a good piano for a university dorm practice digital piano; sold without stand. in Black. 1yr g'tee913ADC54K183624NEW£30013H 132W 28L Oxford Workshop
2141018Hidrau Geneva Stool StoolDUET adjustable stool 1yr g'teeNew£250HH WW LL Oxford Shop
2141206Hidrau Adjustable Toledo StoolStoolSingle adjustable stool 1yr g'tee£170HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2150307Steinway Model OGrand Fine quality Steinway; good condition with a rich tone and even touch; rental only; in light walnut. 1yr g'tee2432921926£15097H 146W 180L due in
2150417Bluthner 5Grand Beautiful typical Bluthner tone with smooth action; FOR RENTAL ONLY in rosewood. 5yr g'tee100752 c1910£70HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2140424Grotrian-Steinweg UprightRENTAL ONLY. Fine German upright piano. 5yr g'teecase no. 10174£40120H 141W 64D Oxford Workshop
250919Stools GrandA large selection of new & old stools from £50, either adjustable or with storage inside. New stools - adjustable black or brown. With velour (imitation velvet) tops in various colours, or leather Oxford Workshop
2100104Richard Lipp Grand German piano; undergoing full restoration; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee18435189697H 143W 180L Oxford Workshop

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