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RP:Piano:Type:Description:Serial Number:Year:Price:H x W x D/L:Location:
2151027Steinway OGrand Fully restored German Steinway; see attached video; new equivalent over £70,000; highly recommended; in bright-black. 10yr g'tee2200561923£2650098H 144W 178L Oxford Shop
2150604Steinway OGrand German Steinway; fully restored; please see comments for work to be done; in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee1085381902£2500097H 47W 177L Sevenoaks
2150801Steinway model OGrand Undergoing restoration; ready about Dec 10th; can be viewed in our polishing room; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee1382541909£2500098H 144W 178L Oxford Workshop
2150410Steinway OGrand Fully restored German Steinway; new equivalent over £70,000; original ivory key tops; highly recommended; in bright-black. 10yr g'tee2015861920£2400098H 144W 178L Sevenoaks
2151001Steinway MGrand German Steinway; fully restored; excellent responsive action; highly recommended; in bright-black. 5yr g'tee3207801946£23500102H 147W 170L Oxford Shop
2151112Steinway SGrand Smallest German Steinway; fully restored with ivory keys; in bright-black. 5yr g'tee3459651954£22500102H 146W 160L Oxford Shop
2151105Yamaha C6Grand Superb small concert grand piano; practically unused. Perfectly regulated; case unmarked; even tone; in bright-black. 5yr g'tee6208484c2007£19500102H 154W 212L Oxford Shop
2150712Steinway KUprightSOLD German Steinway in near showroom condition; especially good leg room - 65.5cm; sostenuto pedal; new over £30,000; in bright-black. 10yr g'tee5653312003£17000133H 153W 69D Oxford Workshop
2151103Bluthner 5Grand New French polished case, with square tapered legs, ivory keys and a clear bright tone. The hammers are new and it has a medium touch (patent action). in rosewood. 5yr g'tee1093091925£1150098H 145W 175L Oxford Workshop
2150143Feurich 161 Grand Top quality new baby grand piano with clear tone and even touch with chrome fittings, RRP £9750 in black. 5yr g'teeF16769NEW£9750101H 150W 161L Oxford Workshop
2150812Bluthner Style IVGrand German baby grand piano; rich warm tone and responsive touch; in mahogany. 5yr g'tee1212601936£950098H 145W 152L Oxford Workshop
2151028Feurich 161 Grand Top quality new baby grand piano with clear tone and even touch with chrome fittings, RRP £9750 in black. 5yr g'teeF17709NEW£8800101H 150W 161L Oxford Workshop
2150926Kawai GM-10Grand small grand piano, medium bright tone, moderate to firm action. in black with brass fittings. 5yr g'teeF103390NEW£8600101H 150W 150L Oxford Workshop
2150428Kawai RX1Grand High quality Japanese grand piano; RRP £18,000; in black. 5yr g'tee24631912002£8000102H 150W 164L Sevenoaks
2150817Kawai KG-2CGrand High quality Japanese piano; in black. 5yr g'tee6517631973£7750100H 150W 175L Oxford Workshop
2151015Steingraeber & Sohne 140Upright Tall person's piano: top make with a warm mellow tone, and medium action; 5cm extra leg room. in light-walnut. 5yr g'tee214761923£7500141H 148W 69D Oxford Workshop
2140418Yamaha G2Grand Japanese baby grand; case reasonable but not perfect; high quality instrument; in bright-black. 5yr g'tee48818191990£6500100H 143W 170L Oxford Workshop
2151014Welmar Grand Excellent quality British made small grand piano, v.good ivory keys. Welmar are known for their rich even tone, and especially good bass for this size of piano. in Walnut. 5yr g'tee576121957£625099H 144W 149L Oxford Workshop
2150425Bechstein Model AGrand Sheraton style grand, dual square tapered legs, Newly French polished; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee1247131924£6000100H 147W 183L Wesley Memorial
2150816Richard Lipp Upright Very fine upright piano; one of the best German upright pianos you can buy! in rosewood. 5yr g'tee216291901£5500130H 151W 68D Oxford Shop
2151012Bechstein model IIIUpright Fine German upright, medium to light touch. in medium rosewood. 5yr g'tee589631902£5500127H 156W 63D Oxford Workshop
2141107Grotrian Steinweg Upright Fine quality German upright piano with warm tone and even touch; new wrest plank and restrung; in figured-walnut. 5yr g'tee11014c.1899£4900132H 158W 70D Oxford Workshop
2141136Grotrian Steinweg Upright Quality German upright piano with mellow tone; in light-rosewood. 5yr g'tee394951920£4200125H 150W 67D Oxford Workshop
2150607Yamaha U3MUpright Perfectly restored Japanese upright piano in bright-black. 5yr g'tee33289751981£4200130H 154W 65D Oxford Workshop
2150810Kawai K200Upright Highly recommended new upright piano, makes a very good sound for a medium height instrument, very good value for a new piano. in black. 5yr g'teeF1037102015£4100114H 149W 57D Oxford Shop
2151020Bechstein IVUpright Fine German upright, medium to light touch. in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee1900£3900120H 148W 57D Oxford Workshop
2151016Yamaha MX100 II XGUpright This piano was manufactured in Japan, and has the typically brighter sound that you expect from a Yamaha. The tone is very even across the entire keyboard, and the action is light to medium in touch. in Black. 5yr g'tee55669881997£3650121H 151W 61D Oxford Workshop
2151029Feurich 122Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company. in black with chrome fittings. 5yr g'teeF18338£3650123H 152W 60D Oxford Workshop
2150720Knight SavoyUpright Practcally unused and designed to a higher specification than almost all upright pianos, new equivalent over £9000; in bright mahogany. 5yr g'tee728741996£3600125H 150W 65D Oxford Shop
2150903Welmar Upright Fine English piano, a warm tone with medium touch. in walnut. 5yr g'tee853391985£3500116H 146W 58D Oxford Shop
2150617Yamaha U1HUpright Perfectly restored Japanese upright piano in bright-black. 5yr g'tee20801871975£3250121H 151W 65D Oxford Workshop
2141013Feurich 122Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company. in Mahogany. 5yr g'teeF16142NEW£3200122H 152W 61D Oxford Shop
2150909Grotrian Steinweg 120Upright Quality German upright piano with mellow tone; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee632931935£3000122H 146W 65D Oxford Workshop
2151108Furstein 118Upright Very good and seldom found Italian make (Ancona) with clear sound, responsive medium touch, and attractive case. in bright rosewood. 5yr g'teec1995£3000118H 151W 60D Oxford Workshop
2150715Welmar Upright Fine small English upright piano with rich tone in mahogany. 5yr g'tee783671978£2750110H 143W 57D Oxford Workshop
2141231Welmar Upright Fine English upright piano; highly recommended; in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee750461975£2750120H 143W 59D Oxford Workshop
2150624Knight K20Upright Good English piano, with medium to light touch, round mellow tone, in a medium coloured mahogany case. N.B rear castors project a little on this model. in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee484561970£2500106H 140W 59D Oxford Workshop
2151021Knight Upright *This piano is not available to rent* A compact and beautiful piano with fine tone and touch in Teak. 5yr g'tee50626£2400106H 140W 56D Oxford Workshop
2150717Kawai CA 97Digital Top quality digital piano with acoustic soundboard. This is the new model which replaces the CA 95. in Rosewood. 5yr g'teeG261130NEW£238593H 147W 48L Oxford Workshop
2150716Kawai CA95Digital Top quality digital piano with acoustic soundboard in rosewood. 5yr g'teeG209453NEW£217093H 147W 48L Oxford Workshop
2141010Seiler 125Upright Fine German piano with rich tone and controlled touch in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee380151906£2100124H 150W 67D Oxford Workshop
2151110Fazer Upright Highly respected Finnish maker, hardly used, rich warm tone and responsive touch; in mid-mahogany. 5yr g'tee875811986£1850104H 144W 53D Oxford Workshop
2150622Steck Upright Rich mahogany case, clear tone and medium touch in Mahogany. 5yr g'tee1747101962£1800122H 150W 62D Oxford Workshop
2151022Kawai CA67Digital A high quality home digital piano from Japanese manufacturer Kawai. Complete with free Kawai stool in Black polished. 5yr g'teeG271504NEW£170592H 146W 46L Oxford Workshop
2150603Kemble CompactUpright Very fine small upright piano with rich warm tone, used very little, 85 notes in Rosewood. 5yr g'tee2143361984£1500109H 131W 48D Oxford Workshop
2151019Challen 110Upright This piano can be rented for £35 pcm. Modern British upright. This is a great piano to get started on. 85 note keyboard with even tone and medium touch in Teak. 5yr g'tee953521970£1500109H 135W 52D Oxford Workshop
2150913Kawai ES8Digital A high quality stage piano from Kawai. Also available with the keyboard only for £1020. in Metalic black. 5yr g'teeG276742NEW£120579H 138W 37L Oxford Workshop
2150404Zender Upright 6 octave small English upright piano. in Teak. 5yr g'tee51235c.1965£1200100H 114W 51D Oxford Workshop
2150602Zender Upright Small 7 octave English upright piano, very good. Bright tone. Picture is of similar piano in mahogany. 5yr g'tee48019c1975£1200101H 133W 47D Oxford Workshop
2150815Rippen Upright Small modern upright piano from respected Dutch maker with rich bass; in teak. 5yr g'tee1227441972£1200107H 142W 52D Oxford Workshop
2150412Kawai CA-15 SBDigital Kawai say: A digital piano that performs as well as it looks. A beautiful, traditional looking instrument with advanced digital features; in Satin Ebony Finish. 5yr g'teeG201335NEW£117095H 145W 48L Oxford Workshop
2150916Kawai CN35Digital A high quality home digital piano from Japanese firm Kawai. in Black Polished. 5yr g'teeG267077NEW£115090H 139W 47L Oxford Workshop
2151115Richard Lipp Upright Very fine upright piano; one of the best German upright pianos you can buy! in rosewood. 5yr g'tee26634£1000131H 159W 72D Oxford Workshop
2141228Hidrau Adjustable Leather Stool StoolAdjustable concert leather stool "LONDON" 1yr g'tee£700HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2150908Casio AP-260Digital Casio digital piano for family in Black. 1yr g'tee925EDC554034494NEW£67985H 138W 42L Oxford Workshop
2150921Kawai ES-100Digital A good temporary solution for university dorms/constant moving. Or being able to have the flexibility for playing small concerts for friends or family. in black. 1yr g'teeX015986NEW£51015H 137W 36L Oxford Workshop
2150918Casio AP-250Digital Casio digital piano for personal study. in black. 1yr g'tee925ADC557036067NEW£50084H 138W 42L Oxford Workshop
2150919Casio AP-250Digital Casio digital piano for personal study. in black. 1yr g'tee925ADC557036117NEW£50084H 138W 42L Oxford Workshop
2130210Adjustable Leather Stool StoolSecond hand good quality adjustable leather stool 1yr g'tee£350HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2151111Casio CDP-130Digital Lightweight full octave digital piano. Price and light weight portability makes this a good piano for a university dorm practice digital piano; sold without stand. in Black. 5yr g'tee913CDC559226921£280HH WW LL Oxford Workshop
2150405Steinway Model OGrand Fine quality Steinway; good condition with a rich tone and even touch; rental only; in light walnut. 5yr g'tee2432921926£15097H 146W 180L Oxford Workshop
2150802Steinway AGrand Restored Steinway grand piano FOR RENTAL ONLY @£85 per month; in Black. 5yr g'tee1896£85HH WW LL St Michaels
2151114Richard Lipp Upright Very fine upright piano; one of the best German upright pianos; Just French polished; 85 note; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee195981898£85130H 68W 152D Oxford Workshop
2140424Grotrian Steinweg UprightRENTAL ONLY. Fine German upright piano. 5yr g'teecase no. 10174£70120H 141W 64D Oxford Workshop
2150914Grotrian Steinweg 120Upright Fine German upright piano; FOR RENTAL ONLY; in Bright walnut. 5yr g'tee1191241977£65120H 144W 59D Oxford Workshop
2100104Richard Lipp Grand German piano; undergoing full restoration; in rosewood. 5yr g'tee18435189697H 143W 180L Oxford Workshop

Oxford workshop: Units 4, 5 and 6 Newtec Place, Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RE. Tel: (01865) 792629

Oxford Showroom: 87 St. Clements Street, Oxford, OX4 1AR. Tel: (01865) 246243

Sevenoaks Showroom: Unit 17, Chaucer Business Park, Watery Lane, Kemsing, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 6PJ. Tel: (01732) 762445 (please call before visiting).


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