Ronisch Pianos

Information about Ronisch pianos

Piano Make Ronisch
Made In Dresden, Germany. Est. 1845
Rating When Reconditioned (see piano makes) 45-75
Estimated Number
Of Pianos In The UK
Not available
Date Of Manufacture And Serial Number 1855 –420
1875 –6100
1895 – 23000
1915 – 63200
1935 – 76250
1955 –78300
1966 – 100000
1985 – 185000
2000 – 209960
upright piano by Ronisch pianos

Comments on this make
Most older Ronisch pianos date form 1890 to 1920. There are some very tall uprights that are sonorous and with a light fluid touch. Grands of this period are also well made. Ronisch passed through the “Iron curtain” period and from WW2 to about 1990 the pianos were of inferior quality. Modern Ronisch pianos are now made in conjunction with Pfeiffer and Bluthner; there are very few of these in the UK

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