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Brasted, H&R

Made In London, England. establised 1823
Rating When Reconditioned (see piano makes) 50-65
Estimated Number
Of Pianos In The UK
Date Of Manufacture And Serial Number Gerald Brasted also made the more common Eavestaff pianos and use the same serial number series:
1950 – 135000
1960 – 176130
1970 – 187705
1980 – 41001
(new series started with 40001 in 1978)
upright piano by Brasted, H&R pianos

Comments on this make
Honest well made British pianos. Mostly traditional style mahogany pianos, 1920 to 1950, 120 to 130cm high. Nearly all underdampers, mostly overstrung with some straight strung. They are well made with a good honest tone.

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