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November News:

We currently have over 80 grand and upright pianos in stock. Please follow the link to view our stocklist! This month we have the best stock of nearly new and fully restored Steinway grands ever! With over 70 upright and 15 grand pianos, we have a great variety of stock, including a  practically unused Steinway model O and B, two restored German Steinway model M grands, two model O’s, an old style model B  and Bosendofer 170 in stock, plus several others. All have fine touch and are finely voiced including the una corda pedal.


We continue to have a large and varied stock of new, reconditioned and fully restored grand and upright pianos. For all our pianos for sale please see our stocklist which is regularly updated.

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Rental only: 3% of original purchase
Rent to buy: 5% of original purchase

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Our History and Our Staff

The Roberts family have been in the trade for four generations, starting in 1919 with David Roberts who worked as a piano and organ tuner and restorer in the Exeter area. David’s son Brian helped with piano restoration but went into music teaching. His son Marcus started as a teacher but began piano tuning and restoration in 1980. After five years tuning and restoring, with clients including Vladimir Ashkenazy, John Lill and Alfred Brendel, he took up piano dealing in 1985. His sons Richard, Stephen and Evan are now all working with the Roberts Pianos team, which comprises of about 8 full-time workers. We currently serve top concert venues in Oxford, London and Portsmouth with clients such as Oxford University, Portsmouth Guildhall, Wembley Arena, Eton College, Radiohead and Jamie Cullum. We specialise in top quality grand and upright pianos with sales across the South of England from Cornwall to East Anglia.