Special Rental Prices on Top Quality Pianos / Free Storage Information

We currently have special prices for rentals on wooden pianos.

In this video Marcus goes through several of our top German grand pianos available for rent, view them here.

Types of finishes available for rental

Polyester pianos are more difficult to refinished if scratched or chipped. Wood in most cases includes several lined patterns which make it easier to blend repairs in with the right knowledge. Our French polisher achieves high quality results. Repairing chipped wood and matching in the most difficult repairs. However, polyester on a piano is much harder and less techniques available less you respray a layer of polyester. Requiring a spraying booth.

Also available for rental are smaller English upright pianos, older Yamaha U1D upright pianos. Please check with us. Free piano storage

We store top quality pianos such as Steinway, Bösendorfer, Blüthner, some Bechstein’s and top quality pianos free of charge for long periods of time. Please enquiry to discover more. We match your piano with a responsible client, and make arrangements should any damage occur we will repair this.

Purchasing a rented piano

If you pay 10 months in advance for rental, we also take this as a down payment. Taking this amount from the total value, should you decide once the piano has arrived that you want to keep it.

For availability of rental pianos, please view our stocklist. Check at the bottom. Rental pianos vary anywhere from £50 – £250. We look forward to serving you.

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