Piano assessment in transit

When pianos come into our workshop in transition to their final destination we can take a look and offer a free assessment.

In this case the piano is a Kaps upright from 1900.  The casework is in good condition with only a few paint stains which can be removed. If the damage is only light scratches it can be removed easily, if it is more noticeable the piano can be polished.


The tuning pins were a small size which is good for replacing them with a larger size. Between the bass strings and the treble strings there is a gap, in this piano there is not much tonal difference which is a good indicator of quality. A fundamental sign when deciding whether or not a piano is worth the work you will put into it should you commence the restoration process.

If you are interested in having your piano moved and the possibility of a free assessment please contact 07413 916661 our piano removals team. Or contact 01865 240 634 for more information on piano restoration.

Feurich 123 Austrian upright piano; one of the best new uprights

Some features from this piano: A sliding cabinet window that can be opened for direct sound. An even touch, Marcus weighs the notes which are non-distinguishable in weight from each other. Repetition is improved with an added spring to make the jack get back to play position faster. Good repetition allows you to play the [...]

Seiler 166 upright piano: cf. Yamaha and Feurich

Seiler is a wonderfully made piano; it may be a solid cabinet rather than veneered, which is good for schools where you might like to avoid the veneer being peeled off by the children. The action is Renner [Germany], the hammers are Able [Germany] hammers. Both makes of parts are respected. Most top manufacturers are […]

Virtually unused Steinway M grand piano 5ft 7in, 2003

This piano has just come into stock. I like to tune pianos when they come in to get an idea of what the condition is like. It needed pitch raising, about 5 beats. This indicates normally that is has had very little use, which is evident from the slight amount of wear on the hammers. […]

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