Feurich 123 Austrian upright piano; one of the best new uprights

Some features from this piano:

  • A sliding cabinet window that can be opened for direct sound.
  • An even touch, Marcus weighs the notes which are non-distinguishable in weight from each other.
  • Repetition is improved with an added spring to make the jack get back to play position faster. Good repetition allows you to play the note in quick succession without the action getting stuck after the initial strike.
  • Fine regulation, the hammers travel as far as possible before let-off happens.
  • Renner hammers – some of the best hammers available are used in the top makes of German piano.
  • An LED light for music playing. Not necessary to remove for the piano tuner, or easy to misplace or fall of the piano.

For more information please see the Feurich website https://www.feurich.com/en/products/vienna-pianos/

For a list of our stock see www.robertspianos.com/pianos-for-sale or email info@robertspianos.com with inquiries.

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