French polished (30 coats) Bechstein 6ft 7in grand piano 1925

It is made in 1925 with an interesting history. It was originally in the Hollywell music hall in Oxford. Which is one of the main classical […]

Video 2 of 2: refinements to Yamaha G2 1975 + testing your piano

This a follow up video to this video (part 1).  Video transcription: Assesment This Yamaha G2 is 5’7″ long, and made in 1975. On the assessment […]

Suprising issue on Yamaha G2 170cm grand 1975 + testing your grand

This is a 1975 G2 grand piano that’s 170cm long. Made in 1975 and it has come into stock. We are assesing it to see what […]