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Month: May 2018

Why is this Steinway better than others?

We have many Steinway pianos in stock, this one is a Steinway model O 5'10" long. Why is this one better. This one  is from 1904. Singability - the piano sings in the mid-treble area, important for the melody to sing through the arrangment of bass/chord and melody. A warm bass - the bass is [...]
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Bosendorfer Strauss 170 5ft 7in c1911 Fully restored; Roberts Pianos Oxford

This fine piano has been fully restored and is available for rental. It belongs to a client who can't house it at the moment. However, it may come up for sale later on if the client can't house it. We will also give all the first year's rental off any other piano in stock. Before [...]
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IN STOCK ASSESSMENT: Seiler Favorit 116cm upright c1985 bright walnut

Most pianos may not see too many Seiler pianos in their day to day playing as they are less common than other German makes such as Steinway, Bösendorfer, Bechstein, or Japanese made pianos. such as Yamaha and Kawai. They are in the German tier of top quality made pianos available. We try and promote these [...]
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Feurich 123 upright piano made in Austria – please also see workshop video:

For more information please click on this link to the workshop video: https://youtu.be/8U_R6k8NhYE
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JUST IN STOCK assessment of a Gors and Kallmann upright piano 1925

We are pleased to have an original letter from Bluthners of London verifying that it was originally imported by them. It is a fine example of a top quality German upright piano. We are currently French polishing it.
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