IN STOCK ASSESSMENT: Seiler Favorit 116cm upright c1985 bright walnut

Most pianos may not see too many Seiler pianos in their day to day playing as they are less common than other German makes such as Steinway, Bösendorfer, Bechstein, or Japanese made pianos. such as Yamaha and Kawai.

They are in the German tier of top quality made pianos available. We try and promote these less well know pianos as excelent alternatives to the ‘famous’ makes.

A note on fading, if you fold down a lid (such as was done here) and you place the piano next to the window it will most likely fade unevenly.

You can determine the amount of use a pinaohas had buy looking at the hammers, and the action. If everything looks evenly worn and not so worn then it was not used very much.

If the parts have been replaced, then a keen eye is needed to asses that it has been worked on properly. If the hammers were changed it must be aligned correctly.

The Seiler has a more mellow tone, typical of European pianos, compared to Chinese/American toned instruments. Warm is an attractive tone to most pianists, as a brash sound can be hard to play expressively.

We believe this Seiler may be a better piano than the small Steinway Z. We can highly recommend it, at the time of this post the piano is available in stock. we will carry out a regulation to return everything to manufacturer specification.

Bass strings are easier to turn if the bass strings end on an eye, this allows you to remove and return the bass strings once turned.

English pianos that compare to this piano are Welmar, Knight. Some of the best pianos the British made were small

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