Common and Top Piano Makes In The UK

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 Below is a list of piano makes of used pianos commonly available in the UK with some top makes that are less common, and their rating once restored. Ratings have been compiled by experienced piano tuners and are based on tone, touch and stability.

Piano ratings: We have taken as our benchmark U1H Yamaha upright and G3E Yamaha grand pianos made from 1970 to 1980, since they are very common. These are given a rating of 65 = good. Ratings assume the pianos to be restored or reconditioned and in good condition. It must be said, however, that there is a world of difference between a piano that has been well restored, tuned and the hammers voiced, from one of the same make and year that has not been carefully worked on.

0 – 40      = unacceptable
40 – 50    = passable
50 – 60    = fair
60 – 70    = good
70 – 80    = excellent
80 – 90    = superb
90 – 100  = dream piano

Estimates for the number of pianos in the UK vary from 2 to 4 million (figures for 2013). We are using the conservative figure of 2 million. Availability figures are currently being revised for each make; so for instance, we estimate that there is about one “Adam” piano for every 4,000 pianos. Therefore there are about 400 Adam pianos in the UK.

Disclaimer: This site is constantly being revised. If you’re in the piano trade and can add or correct any information please let us know.

New pianos made in the Far East (excluding Japan)
Many older names such as Waldstein, Weber, Bentley, Steinmeyer and Steinbach are now used by companies in China, Korea, Malasia, Indonesia, etc. They are the same in name only and usually have nothing to do with the older style pianos. Ratings below are for the European made pianos unless otherwise stated.

List of most common pianos in the UK - key:
Top quality makes are in large type and bold. Other makes that are good and also have some top quality pianos are in bold. Makes in italics also have some models that are particularly good pianos, the bold ones being the better or these. We’ve only drawn attention to the main ones you’re likely to find so as to make your search faster. Please click on a make for more information.

Make Est. Made by Made in Upr.
Est’d no. in
Rating Description
Adam, Gerhard  1828 Adam Wesel, Germany U+G 500 60-70 Generally well made pianos
Aeolian  1903 Aeolian UK, USA, Germany U+G 1500 50-60 Varied. They made many player pianos
Ajello & Sons  1862 Ajello Manchester, UK U 1000 50-60 Mostly tall overstrung underdamped mahogany uprights with strong tone
Allison  1837 Allison London, UK U+G 15000 50-60 Varied – low to medium quality; some baby grands quite good
Amyl Coop CWS London, UK U 1500 40-50 Honestly made but mostly basic straight strung over-dampers
Archibald – Ramsden 1895 Ramsden London, UK U 400 40-50 Usually straight strung over-dampers, but quite well made
Army and Navy Anyone England U 1500 40-50 Usually straight strung over-dampers, but quite well made
Ascherberg  1865 Ascherberg Germany U+G 800 50-60 Mid quality overstrung under-dampers with good tone
Baldwin  1862 Baldwin Cincinnati, USA U+G 300 55-68 Varied. Most of the ones imported to the UK were basic models
Barnes W.H.  1828 Barnes London, UK U+G 2000 45-55 Nearly all uprights; some 6 octave pianos
Barratt & Robinson  1877 Barratt & Robinson London, UK U 15000 50-60 Colsed about 1990. Mostly small mid range uprights 1960-1980


 1853 Bechstein Germany U+G 30000 60-85 Prolific high quality maker. See specialist Bechstein page
Bell  1864 Bell Ontario, Canada U 800 50-60 Generally overstrung. Very varied, poor to medium quality
Bentley  1906 Bentley London, UK U 20000 45-60 Very varied, poor to medium quality
Berry  1866 Berry London, UK U+G 3000 45-55 From very basic overdampers to medium quality overstrung
Blankenstein 1880 Blankenstein London & Berlin U 500 50-60 Varied, gernerally medium quality


 1873 Bluthner Germany U+G 20000 70-90 Prolific make of high quality pianos. Please see our Bluthner page
Bord  1840  Bord France U 4000 45-52 Mostly small straight strung overdampers c1890-1910
Boyd (of London) 2005 Boyd London U+G 20000 35-58 From very basic overdampers to fairly good overstrungs


 1828 Bosendorfer Vienna, Austria U+G 1500 50-95 Austrian pianos of high quality. pre 1900 grands have “Viennese” actions
Boston  1991 Kawai/Steinway Japan U+G 1000 50-95 Austrian pianos of high quality. pre 1900 grands have “Viennese” actions
Branston Branston London U 200 50 Mostly basic pianos
Brasted 1920 Brasted (pre 1960) London, later Malaysia U 4000 50-65 Honest well made British pianos
Brinsmead, John 1836 Kemble London, UK U+G 30,000 50-70 Very varied prolific English maker
Brinsmead, Stanley 1894 Stanley Brinsmead London, UK U 500 40-50 Straight-strung overdamper half iron frame pianos.
John Broadwood  1728 Broadwood London, UK U+G 80,000 40-80 Comprehensive range of high quality hand built pianos in various styles
Broadwood White 1880 Broadwood White Leipzig, Germany U 900 45-48 Mostly basic straight strungs
Brock, Bernard 1890 Saul Silkand-Zormich & Cramer London, UK U 400 45-48 Traditional upright pianos
Brodmann 1812* Bosendorfer China U+G 200  60-75  *modern Brodmann c2001
Browne, Justin 1870 Browne London, UK U 800 40-50 Well made but most pre 1890 overdampers
Challen 1804 Challen London, UK U+G 75000 50-68 Can be quite reasonable but vary. The UK’s most common baby grands
Chappell 1811 Chappell, later Kemble  London, UK U+G 80000 50-70 Varied but generally good. Old ones can be quite basic
Churchill Stencil Piano Bristol, UK U 1000  45-50 Mostly basic straight strung overdamper pianos in a traditional case
Collard and Collard 1760 Collard, later Kemble London, UK U+G 65,000 40-70 Extremely varied prolific British maker spanning over 200 years
Cramer 1824 Cramer, later Kemble London, UK U+G 10000 45-68 Plenty of variety. Many baby grands and post 1900 uprights
Crane Crane & Son Liverpool, UK U+G  2000 35-50 Mostly basic uprights
Dale Forty Dale Forty UK & China U+G 7000 35-50 Pre -1950 Dale Forty pianos are basic British pianos; modern ones click here
Danemann 1892 Broadwood & Son London, UK U+G 20000 44-68 Prolific and varied maker. Please click on name for more details
Duck Son and Pinker 1848 Bristol Piano Co. Bath, UK U+G 8000 35-50 Mostly basic straight strung overdamper uprights
Eavestaff 1823 Brasted London UK & China U+G 17000 35-68 Mini pianos generally basic. Baby grands fair. Other uprights medium
Eberhardt c.1800  Eberhardt Berlin, Germany U 800 40-45 Eberhardt Pianos are very basic pianos with half-plate iron frames
Elysian Morley & Co Ltd London, UK U+G  1500 45-60 Name used mainly by Morleys of London. Varied
Erard 1777 Erard UK & France U+G  1500 40-68 Very varied; historic inventor
Estonia 1893 Estonia Piano Factory Tallinn, Republic of Estonia U+G 250 50-60 The Estonia grand piano produces a reasonable tone.
Eungblut, Rogers 1920 Kemble London, UK U 200 50-60 The name Rogers Eungblut was used by Kemble in about 1930
Fazioli 1980 The Fazioli Factory Sacile, Italy G 100 85-95 Fazioli was established in 1981
Fazer 1960 Hellas Helsinki, Finland G 3000 55-68 Modern pianos. Fazer are generally good with rich bass and firm touch


1851 Feurich Germany, China & Austria U+G 1500 65-75 Old and modern ones well made
Forster, August  1859 Forster Lobau, Germany U+G 4000 55-70 Vary varied in quality – passed through “Iron curtain” phase
Fuchs and Mohr 1921 Eisenberger Eisenberg, Germany U 4000 40-55 Small modern pianos with mahogany cases dated from about 1965 to 1980
Giles Giles Pianos Ltd London, UK U+G 1000 50 From the same factory as the very common Zender
Godfrey 1885 Godfrey London, UK U 7000 35-48 Mostly basic uprights: straight-strung and over-damped
Gors and Kallman 1877 Albert Meyn Berlin, Germany U+G 15000 50-70 Older uprights overdampers but good tone. Baby grands generally good

Grotrian Steinweg

1858 Grotrian Steinweg Braunschweig, Germany U+G 6000 60-90 Prolific make of high quality pianos. Uprights 1900 to 1930 outstanding
Haake, Karl 1903 Haake Hannover, Germany U+G 1000  50-60 Unique, warm and interesting tone; mostly 1880 to 1910
Hellas 1901 Hellas Piano co Helsinki, Finland U 500 50-60 Hellas are similar to Fazer but action generally not as good
Hickie and Hickie 1894 Hickie & Hickie London, UK  U 15000 35-48 Mostly basic straight strung overdampers 1890 – 1910. later overstrung
Hoffmann 1893 Various Various U+G 800 50-75 Name used on both basic British and high quality German pianos
Hofman & Czerny 1903 Hofman Vienna, Austria U+G  100  60-70 High quality baby grand pianos with rich tone and well weighted touch
Hopkinson 1835 Bentley London, UK U+G 20000 45-65 Very common British make. Older ones overdampers
Ibach 1794 Ibach Germany U+G 15000 50-80 Older ones overdampers but good. Grands generally fine quality
Kastner 1920 Barratt and Robinson London, UK U 700 45-55 Mostly small modern uprights 1960-1970. A few older ones 1890-1930
Kaps 1890 Ernst Kaps Dresden, Germany U+G 2000 55-80 Mainly one style of quality upright piano made from about 1898 to 1930


1927 Kawai Pianos Hamamatsu, Japan U+G 10000 55-85 Japanese pianos (later ones made elsewhere too) of generally good quality
Kemble 1911 Kemble London, UK U+G 120000 55-78 Varied in quality but best are very good
Kimball 1857 The Kimball Piano co USA U+G 3000  55-65 Those in the UK c1960-70 small uprights
Kirkman 1730 Kirkman, Collard London, UK U+G 500 30-55 Mostly very old British pianos. Many grands


1936 Knight London, UK U+G 30000 58-80 Respected British maker. Best between about 1960 and 1980
Lindner 1960 Lindner Shannon, Eire  U 1000 35-50 Irish pianos with revolutionary plastic action for which no spares are readily available

Lipp, Richard

1831 Lipp, later Bentley Stuttgart, Germany U+G 6000 55-90 Lipp pianos made with great integrity. Rich warm tone. Baby and boudoir grands generally excellent
Marshall and Rose 1907 Whelpdate, Maxwell & Codd London, UK U+G 400 50-65 British pianos of medium quality
Mason & Hamlin 1854 Mason & Hamlin Massachusetts, USA U+G 200 60-80 Well made modern pianos; very few older ones in the UK
Mickleburgh 1903 Mickleburgh Bristol, England U 2500  50 Makes medium quality uprights
Minstrelle 1877 Barratt and Robinson England U 250 40-50 Small pianos made by Barratt and Robinson
Monington and Weston 1858 Monington and Weston London, UK U+G 18000 50-65 Many low quality baby grands made with “simplex” actions. Uprights can be very good
Moore and Moore 1838 Kemble Stoke Newington, UK U+G  1500 50-58 Fair quality British pianos
Morley, Robert 1881 Morley Lewisham, London U+G 40000 50-55 Fair quality British pianos
Murdoch 1862 Spencer & Murdoch London, UK U+G  2000 35-55 Common basic British pianos
Neumeyer 1905 Neumeyer Berlin, Germany U+G 7000 50-65 Mid-range German pianos. Best ones have rich warm tone
Niemeyer 1890 Niemeyer +
Dongbei China
Korea & Germany U+G 400 45-55 Old ones low to mid range German pianos
Neindorf 1900 Germany Luckenwald, Germany  U+G 2000 50-55 Mostly mid range pianos 1910-1930
Nordiska 1985 Nordiska, later DongBei Sweden, later China  U 800 50-60 Mostly 1985-1990 small uprights
Papps 1900 Papps Portsmouth, England U 7000 35-50 Mostly basic uprights. Specially designed metal wrest plank for environments with varying humidity
Pearl River 1955 Guangzhou Piano Factory Guangzhou, China U+G 1500 45-70 One of the largest factories: names include Ritmuller and Essex
Petrof 1864 Petrof Hradec Kralove, Czechoslovakia U+G 300 50-80 Wide range of quality in uprights. Some early baby grands are outstanding
Pfeiffer 1862 Pianofortefabrick Leipzip company Stuttgart, Germany U 100 55-70  Mostly pre 1900 in UK. Not yet rated
Pleyel 1807 Pleyel Paris, France U+G 20000 45-68 Much varietly in quality from this French maker
Reid Sohn 1859 Samick factory Paris, France U+G 9000 45-60 Large Korean factory
Reisbach c1920 Rogers London, UK U+G 800 50-65 Fair quality British pianos made by Rogers with influence from Grotrian Steinweg
Ritmüller 1795 Ritmuller, later Pearl River Germany, later China U+G 1000 55-70 Old ones mostly tall traditional
Rogers, George 1843 Rogers London, UK U+G 16000 55-70 Good factory with long history. Older ones may not be worth reconditioning
Ronisch 1845 Pfeiffer, later Bluthner Dresden, Germany U+G  1000 45-75 Older ones very well made. Modern ones more varied
Russell, George 1842  R&R London, UK U 2000 50-55 Mostly basic straight-strung overdamped pianos, well made with a good tone
Russel (and Russell) 1842 Russell and Russell  London U 1000 45-58 Honestly made cheaper uprights mainly from early 1900s
Sames F.Mills & Co Scotland U+G 900  50-55 Mostly overstrung uprights
Samick  1989 Samick Korea/ Indonesia U+G 10000 45-60 Large Korean factory
Sauter  1819 C. Sauter & Co Spaichingen, Germany U+G 500 70-90 Fine quality uprights and grands; 100% German parts
Schiedmayer  1809 J.and P.Scheidmayer Neckarstrasse, Germany U+G 10000 58-78 Well made German uprights and grands
Schimmell  1885 W. Schimmell Neuschonefeld, Germany U+G  4000 55-68 Mid-range German uprights and grands
Seiler  1849 Eduard Seiler Liegnitz, Germany U+G 8000 58-78 Well made German uprights and grands
Spencer  1883 John Spencer & Co London UK U 10000 45-62 Common British maker from about 1900 to 1940. Modern ones from different factories
Squire (and Longson)  c1910 Squire, later Kemble London UK U+G 10000 50-60 Mid range British pianos
Steck  1857 Aeolian Weber & Pianola Co Cassel, Germany U+G 5000 55-70 Uprights have warm tone; baby grands vary in quality
Steinberg  1908 Steinberg & Co Berlin, Germany U+G 2000  60-75  Mostly well made modern pianos
Steingraeber & Sohne  1852 Eduard Steingraeber Bayreuth, Germany U+G 250 70-90 Mostly grands, see own page.


 1853 Steinway & Sons Mainly New York and Hamburg U+G 65000 60-95 Fine rich toned pianos. Most Steinways found in the UK are made in Germany.
Ströhmenger  1835 Chappell London UK U+G 5000 50-65 Good quality British pianos
Stuart & Sons  c1990 Stuart Piano Co Australia G 5  75-90 Hand made top quality grands
Waddington  1838 Waddington London UK U 2000 45-55 Basic British piano, can have a reasonable tone. Grands basic
Waldemar c1900 Waldemar Berlin U 600  45-55 Mostly traditional walnut, overstrung with warm tone
Waldstein 1956 Various, Pearl River UK,Germany,China U+G 11000 45-58 Modern Chinese Waldsteins are nothing to do with the older pianos
Weber c1860 Weber  Various U+G 6000 46-68 Older ones well made. Modern ones made in the Far East
Welmar 1925 Welmar London, UK U+G 25000 55-75 Good quality British pianos. Older uprights varied. Baby grands copy of Bluthner.
Wendl & Lung  c1920 Wendl Lung Austria U+G 800 60-75 Mostly modern pianos c2001 to 2011
Windover 1877 Smith Manchester & London, UK U+G 1000  45-60 Mostly traditional uprights in mahogany
Witton and Witton 1838 Witton and Witton London, UK U+G  800 45-55 Basic British piano. Grands not well made
Yamaha 1887 Yamaha Japan U+G 70000 48-90 Most prolific maker in the world. Huge range in quality
Young Chang  1956 Young Chang Seoul Korea U+G 8000 45-60 Large Korean factory; see onw page.
Zender  1892 Zender London, UK U+G 40000 48-60 Always very small pianos; Over 70,000 made in the UK, mostly 60s to 80s
Zimmermann  1884 Zimmermann Germany U+G  2000 45-70 Mostly modern baby grands and uprights of low to medium quality