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The following is a list of our current stock in Portsmouth, the images shown are a true representation of the actual piano for sale. This page is updated daily with the latest pianos we have, For other stocklists please click here

RP Piano Type Description Serial Number Year Price Dimensions Location Image
2101006 Kawai KG3 Grand Excellent Japanese 6ft grand piano; in black. 5yr g'tee 591097 1972 £8500 101x152x180 Portsmouth Shop
2140803 Kawai K-300 Upright Superb quality piano with rich, expressive sound and lovely touch.; in black. 10yr g'tee 094387 NEW £4750 122x149x61 Portsmouth Shop
2140413 Challen baby grand Grand A 4ft 7in baby grand; ; in walnut. 5yr g'tee 43606 1930 £4750 90x144x140 Portsmouth Shop
2140414 Kawai K-200 Upright Highly recommended new upright piano; in black. 10yr g'tee F091923 NEW £3950 114x149x57 Portsmouth Shop
2140410 Yamaha U3A Upright Excellent quality upright piano made in Japan.; in black. 5yr g'tee 4187214 1986 £3550 131x154x65 Portsmouth Shop
2140407 Feurich 122 Upright New upright piano from highly regarded Austrian/German company; ; in black. 5yr g'tee 13368 NEW £3495 122x152x61 Portsmouth Shop
2140804 Feurich 115 Upright SOLD. Wonderful new piano in white gloss. Great sound and touch, and a very classy casework design.; in White. 5yr g'tee F13339 NEW £2995 115x147x59 Portsmouth Shop
2140408 Feurich 115 Upright New upright piano from Austrian/German company;; in black. 5yr g'tee 14935 NEW £2895 115x147x59 Portsmouth Shop
2140415 Kawai K-15E Upright New small upright piano;; in mahogany gloss. 5yr g'tee F080859 NEW £2850 110x148x59 Portsmouth Shop

Pianos wanted. We buy secondhand, used grand and upright pianos. We are especially looking for all models of Steinway, Bluthner, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Fazioli, Knight. Contact us by phoning 01865 240634 or email us at: info@robertspianos.com