Knight pianos. Steinway pianos and other top quality grand and upright pianos for sale

Selling your Knight piano


If you are thinking of selling your Knight piano we are interested in purchasing this make. We are especially intent on buying those made between 1965 and 1985.
If you are looking to sell your piano please contact us here (At this stage, you don’t need to send any photographs, though they would be useful to assess more accurately how much your piano is worth.)

Brief information on knight pianos

This British manufacturer closed down in the year 2003. For information on British pianos click here.


For a quote on your piano please contact us here with the piano make, model, serial number, estimated age and pictures of the piano. Other makes of piano that we are looking for: Allison (baby grand), Bechstein, Bosnedorfer, Fazer (upright), Feurich, Gors and Kallman, Ibach, Kaps (upright), Kawai, Kemble, Knight, Richard Lipp, Rogers (George), Sauter, Seiler, Steinway, Welmar, Zender… Please enquire for other makes.

keys and name board of a knight piano

Knight is an English piano manufacturer established in London (1936 – 2003)