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Used Yamaha U1 upright piano




UK Manufacture

From about 1990 numerous models of Yamaha U1 uprights appear. The ones made in the UK  have the suffix “N” after the serial number. These were made in the Kemble factory in Milton Keynes, UK. The factory closed in about 2009. These Yamahas have good actions but the tone is not as rich and warm as the Japanese ones from the 70s and 80s.

U1 Models made in Japan

  • Yamaha U1H 1970 to 1980 This was the longest run of all Yamaha uprights and easily the most common in the UK.
    Yamaha U1G 1970 – 1975 This model is almost identical to the U1H; the tone tends to be a bit mellower.
  • Yamaha U1A 1982 – 1987 Also very good pianos; not so common as a U1H and U1G
  • Yamaha U10B 1987 – 1989 Not such a rich tone as the above pianos
  • Yamaha U10A 1989 Not very common


yam 001


Model: Yamaha U1H
Years of manufacture: 1971-1990
Dimensions: 121cm high x151cm long x63cm deep
Finish:  Most are polished polyester black finish. A few walnut and mahogany ones also available.
No. of pedals: 3 – middle pedal is a celeste or practice pedal
Weight: 228kg


Yamaha U1H upright pianos had the longest production run of all Yamaha uprights. They have a rich warm tone and a medium touch.
Yamaha U1H upright pianos are consistent in quality; any fine regulation or other work we find necessary is carried out in our workshop before sale.

We regard the Yamaha U1H as one of the best modern uprights ever made. It is used extensively by professional musicians.


2140914 Yamaha U1G Case 01


Model:Yamaha U1G
Years of maufacture: 1971-1975
Dimensions: 121cm high x 151cm long x 63cm deep
Finish: Polished Ebony finish
No. of pedals: 3
Weight: 310kg


Yamaha U1G upright pianos are extremely similar to the more common U1H though a lot less of them were produced. They tend to be slightly richer in tone, though tone can vary between pianos. They have a rich warm tone and a medium touch.We regard the Yamaha U1G as one of the best modern uprights ever made. It is used extensively by top musicians




Model: U1D
Years of manufacture: 1964 – 1969
Dimensions: 121cm high x 151cm long x 63cm deep
Finish: Polished Ebony finish
No. of pedals: 2
Weight: 290kg


Yamaha U1D upright pianos have the richest and most interesting tone of all Yamaha upright pianos; they are a more accurate copy of the German pianos that the Yamaha construction is based on. Their construction is more traditional, using far less plastic and metal than more modern Yamahas. We rate these fine pianos very highly, and often use them for hiring to top classical concerts.

The casework on the Yamaha U1D has a lacquer base, unlike the Yamaha U1H and U1G. This means that it does not get refinished to perfection in the same way as the later models, and therefore usually has some minor blemishes.
Please note that the Yamaha U1D does not have a third pedal fitted. However, a practice felt can be added if required, at the current cost of £150+VAT.