Steinway Model O Grand Piano

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Model O

steinway model o grand pianos

Model O
Length 5′ 10″ (182 cm)
Width 4′ 10″ (148 cm)
Manufactued in Hamburg and New York
Introduced 1900

Our comments on this model

The Steinway model O grand piano is the most common used Steinway grand available in the UK. The majority are pre 1939, usually with rosewood cases, sometimes black. Modern model O Steinway grands (from about 1960) are very sought after, and vary from being little used to needing extensive restoration, at least new hammers. Ideally it’s best to change the whole of the action, and as they are commonly restored, parts are readily available to do this. The modern Steinway will not usually need re-stringing, though may benefit from it.

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