JUST IN STOCK: Surprising Steinway model O 1907

A Steinway grand piano with a difference. Marcus explores the unique case of this Steinway model O grand piano. The desk can be closed with the music stand up, so that the piano is slightly quieter. However, this partially closed desk, partially fades if placed in sunlight.

The piano is from 1907, and was fully restored in about 1998. It was done by an experienced restorer, not ourselves. One such hallmark is the bass strings align nicely at the point nearest the front. Key parts were also changed wisely with the right parts and done effectively. Some parts could have been changed which were not, such as some action felts, causing noise when played. Which will be replaced by our technicians.

Overal this is an excellent piano. Follow our YouTube channel for more videos, and see this guide by Marcus.

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