Seiler 166 upright piano: cf. Yamaha and Feurich

Seiler is a wonderfully made piano; it may be a solid cabinet rather than veneered, which is good for schools where you might like to avoid the veneer being peeled off by the children.

The action is Renner [Germany], the hammers are Able [Germany] hammers. Both makes of parts are respected. Most top manufacturers are using Renner actions.

The soundboard has a very close veneer which is great for the sound quality produced.

We have sold a couple of these pianos in the last few years. We very much like the manufacturer. The hammers have had very little wear at all which is good as they are not worn out. But instead, are ‘worn in’ which is optimum.

Touch weight is slightly heavier than it should be, which we will work on by lubricating the friction points in the action. You want 49 grams ideally. It is about 3 grams from near perfection; we will use dry lubricant to work on this.

If you want to develop your finger muscles 52 or so grams might be ideal to develop playing strength.

To view the pianos in the video and the rest of our stock, please see our stocklist and feel free to visit us within opening hours. We welcome you to play our pianos and see/hear for yourself what you prefer. All of the pianos we select are from respected manufacturers. But more so chosen for their individual quality.

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