Schimmel 114 - Roberts Pianos

 Schimmel 114 Upright Piano

Price: £6,250

Rent this piano for: £195 p/m

Year c1982
Casework bright mahogany
Serial Number 224199
HxWxD 113 x 150 x 51
Type Upright Piano
Guarantee 5 year g'tee
Location Oxford Shop


IN 13.5.24 Modern German piano, medium touch with fine tone. Ideal for tall people.


We sold this piano in 2019 and the client didn't use it so sold it back to us. We have perfected the casework and it's practically immaculate and has had hardly any use. It has a sensitive action and rich tone and is highly recommended for study.

The video below features this piano. Please click on "IN STOCK...."