Bosendorfer Imperial - Roberts Pianos

 Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano

Price: £47,500

Rent this piano for: £2000 p/m

Year 1978
Casework dark walnut
Serial Number 32189
HxWxL 102 x 168 x 290
Type Grand Piano
Guarantee 5 year g'tee
Location St Michaels Church


SOLD Unique 97 key (C-C) Austrian concert grand; fully restored with new WNG action, suitable for any climate;


NB This piano was made after 1975 and has an ivory keyboard which we will have to change if sold, because of new laws regarding ivory. We will replace the keytops with the best quality "mineral" keytops available.

Please note that this is our own piano and is kept in the church for concert use.

The videos below feature this piano. Please click on "IN STOCK..." or "97 key..."


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