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 Kemble Compact Upright Piano

Price: £3,000

Rent this piano for: £60 p/m

Year 1977
Casework mahogany
Serial Number 179749
HxWxD 107 x 131 x 52
Type Upright Piano
Guarantee 5 year g'tee
Location Storage


Fine small English piano, one of the very best compact uprights ever made. Good tone. 85 keys.

Viewing of this piano is by appointment only. Please email with suggested times if you wish to view this piano.


"I believe the Kemble compact is the best quality 131cm long piano" Marcus.

This has a surprisingly good tone throughout for a piano of this size, in fact this particular instrument is better than most. The case, hammers, keys, etc. are all in good shape. The top lid opens sideways to the left.

The video below features a similar piano and compares it with Welmar, Knight, Fazer, please click on the title "Best small upright pianos comparison....".


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