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 Bechstein A Grand Piano

Price: £17,000

Rent this piano for: £540 p/m

Year 1908
Casework black polyester
Serial Number 89016
HxWxL 100 x 145 x 184
Type Grand Piano
Guarantee 5 year g'tee
Location Oxford Shop


A fine German medium-sized grand piano


This piano has been fully restored in every detail including new wrestplank, hammers, shanks, rollers, action converted from tied to capstan, restrung, etc. The first video below features this piano. To use jump links please click on the text "BUY ONLINE: Restored Bechstein 6ft 1909...".

Please see the second video below at 3:01. To access jump links click on the title "AUGUST ONLY: Take our pianos home cheaply...."


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