Yamaha U1D - Roberts Pianos

 Yamaha U1D Upright Piano

Price: £3,750

Rent this piano for: £110 p/m

Year 1961
Casework black polyester
Serial Number 155083
HxWxD 121 x 151 x 62
Type Upright Piano
Guarantee 5 year g'tee
Location Oxford Workshop


SOLD RESERVED - Japanese upright piano, rich mellow tone and fine touch; highly recommended;


The U1D has in our opinion the best tone of all the upright Yamahas, being closest to the German Steinways they were originally modelled on; we have used them for hire to top pianists including Alfred Brendel..

Video below is a comparison between Yamaha U1H, U1G, U1A, U1M, U1D, U3H and U3M upright pianos. Please click on the text "COMPARISON: Yamaha U1H, U1G, U1A, U1M, U1D, U3H and U3M...."


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