Knight K20 - Roberts Pianos

 Knight K20 Upright Piano

Price: £2,500

Rent this piano for: £75 p/m

Year 1971
Casework Teak or light mahogany
Serial Number 50526
HxWxD 106 x 140 x 56
Type Upright Piano
Guarantee 5 year g'tee
Location Oxford Workshop


Fastidiously made British piano of exceptional quality; little used.
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The photos were taken before the polishing work on the piano and the top has now been perfected

The first video below features this piano compared with a K10, please click on the title "BUY ONLINE: 4 small Knight ....".To use jump links please click under the video to find the comparisons. Knight K20 1971.

The second compares it with K10, Yamaha U1H and Feurich 122 upright pianos, please click on the title "BUY ONLINE: Knight K20...".


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