How often do piano tuning pins need replacing?

Piano tuning pins are basically screws. They are the most sensitive part of the piano, as they carry out the most important job

Piano tuning pins
Piano tuning pins

Their job is to keep the string at a certian pitch, they are sensitive because they are screwed into wood. Humidity changes can make the wood that holds the pin contract, causing the pin to go loose, they can also expand. This exansion and contraction causes the pin to loosen.

The best was to keep your pins healthy is to have the piano tuned regularly at between 6 months to a year intervals. So that they do not need over-moving to compensate for dropped pitch in the strings. If they are left for a very long time the tuner willl need to overcompensate for the drop in pitch, causing the pin to go even further and push harder against the wood.

Normal to and throw causes the pin to loosen over a period of several years, even with 6-month or yearly tuning. However, regular pitch-raises will have a more severe effect.

Basic diagram of a piano tuning pin.
Basic diagram of a piano tuning pin.

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  1. I recommend buying a humidity guage, if you are in the Oxford area or buying a piano from us please request one on delivery of your piano. If you have any questions or comments of information to add please chime in.

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