Yamaha U1H

Yamaha U1 Upright Piano

Bechstein 10

Bechstein 10 Upright Piano


We’ve written this page to help you decide which piano to choose between. Highly regarded by musicians as some of the best uprights available under £5000 (2012). We’ve sold over 100 Yamaha U1H uprights and a similar number of Bechstein upright pianos, and regard them both as an excellent choice. For more information on Yamaha follow click here. For more information on Bechstein pianos, go to this link.



MODEL: U1H (c. 1965)
PRICE: £2,600-£3,200 (2013) when precisely reconditioned
DIMENSIONS: height 121 x width 151 x depth 63


MODEL: Bechstein 10 (c.1902-1930)
PRICE: £3,500 – £5,500 (2013) precisely reconditioned
DIMENSIONS: height 129 x width 146 x depth 60


The U1H’s touch

Yamaha U1 Keys

One of the main reasons clients choose the Yamaha U1 is because it has a responsive touch. Our U1 and U3 uprights have had very little use and will not require any maintainance for at least 20 years of normal playing.

The Bechstein 10’s touch

Bechstein 10 Keys
The Bechstein model 10 has a delighful touch which allows for an excellent dynamic range.


The U1H’s action

Yamaha U1 Hammers

Suited to all types of playing, the Yamaha U1 upright has a clear, leaning towards bright sound. It produces the kind of sound that would contrast well enough to be heard in an ensemble and has enough depth to effectively reproduce classical music. On that note, we regularly hire Yamaha U1 pianos to the world’s top concert pianists for rehearsal practices.

The Bechstein 10’s action

Bechstein 10 Hammers

An exquisite sweet mellow tone with a rich singing treble. In our opinion one of the best sounding upright pianos. The bass strings are straight strung but as the piano is taller than the U1, the string length is virtually the same. The straight stringing makes the tone more even and allows the sound to pass through a sweeter area of the soundboard.


The U1H’s casing

Yamaha U1 Bookholder

Many musicians insist on these; unfortunately the music stand is too thin to have fitted, though it is more ridged to try to compensate. Practically no modern pianos are fitted with bookholders as manufacturers fear they will damage the case by scratching.

The Bechstein 10’s Casing

Bechstein 10 Bookholder

Standard on this and nearly all traditional pianos. They hold the music page and prevent it from turning. You will definitely need these if you use thick books such as hymn books.


The U1H Pedals

Yamaha U1 Pedals

One benefit of the Yamaha U3 piano is that they mostly come fitted with a practice pedal which inserts a felt between the hammers and the strings. Although the Bechstein piano does not include a practice mechanism, one can be easily fitted, current charge £200+VAT (2012)

The Bechstein 10 Pedals

Bechstein 10 Pedals

Although the Bechstein piano does not include a practice mechanism, one can be easily fitted, current charge £200+VAT (2012)


If you require an all round modern tone then the Yamaha is our suggested choice. However, if you already play and are interested in a rich warm mellower tone then you might prefer a Bechstien or other traditional German piano.