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Grotrian Steinweg Pianos

-Details of Grotrian Steinweg Pianos-

Make Grotrian Steinweg
Made in Established 1835 in Wolftenbuttel, Germany. Now made in Braunschweig, Germany
Made by Grotrian Steinweg
Rating (see Key) 60-90
Estimated Number In UK 6,000 or one in 650. 20% grands, 80% uprights
Year and serial number 1880 – 4175
1900 – 12131
1920 – 38076
1940 – 65499
1960 – 85682
1980 – 124707
2000 – 15457


WE RESTORE ALL GROTRIAN PIANOS. Prolific make of high quality pianos. Uprights 1900 to 1930 outstanding. Grotrian Steinweg is a major manufacturer of high quality pianos. Most Grotrian Steinweg pianos in the UK date from 1890 to 1930. All well made, but often very worn and need extensive reconditioning. Grotrian uprights from about 1910 to about 1930 are outstanding. Rating is for fully reconditioned pianos. Unreconditioned ones may carry a very low rating. We are interested in purchasing Grotrian Steinweg pianos, please see the following page