How often to piano hammers need refacing?

Small concert grand piano for sale, 22cm in length. We particularly recommend loger pianos for a richer sound. The tone of the bass hammers and lower treble is slightly different. However Marcus has matched in the hammers by voicing them.

Renner is the predominant maker of piano actions, and action parts. In terms of hammers, Able is also in line with Renner, in this case the action and hammers are both made by Renner. These hammers are stamped on one end 10th March 1985.

dates on the side of a renner grand piano hammer

The hammers are slighly worn in the bass, the groove is causing too much cushion on impact. Refacing is required to make the impact cleaner.

Photo showing wear on hammers in the bass of a grand piano

[The refaced one above is only lightly refaced and less than half way finished]

You can only reface a hammer when you have enough depth in the hammer to take a layer off without off-balancing the weight of the action and causing too much extra work. In these cases the balance tips towards a new set of hammers.

If you find your hammers are not sounding the way you like them contact us at for more information.

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