1934 Bluthner style 4 (5ft grand piano) WITH OR WITHOUT SILENT MECHANISM?

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Assesment of Bluthner style 4 grand piano that came into stock

This Bluthner came with a quiet time mechanism silent playing system. Which enables late night practice. This Quiet time is the best silent system available. However, silent systems do impeed pianisimo playing.

Some fading on the casework devalues the piano which we can remove or sell as is. The name board on the piano has been polyestered which means we cannot access the brass name for polishing. We will re-polish this in French Polish unless a client would like to purchase the piano less expensively.

Other Points of interest:

  • Original wrest plank replaced with new one, which is a good sign for the longevity of the tuning pins.
  • Hammers hardly worn, only minute wear
  • The piano has been extremely restored overall, with several laminate

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