Month: June 2018

Kawai K8 upright piano 1961

[embedyt][/embedyt] Kawai makes fine pianos in their Japanese factory, this is no exception. This piano was not made in polyester. The older ones do not have the perfection of polyester. But the design of the sound and action is superior to current equivalent models. This Kawai has 2 pedals, a practice pedal is now a […]

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1934 Bluthner style 4 (5ft grand piano) WITH OR WITHOUT SILENT MECHANISM?

[embedyt][/embedyt] Assesment of Bluthner style 4 grand piano that came into stock This Bluthner came with a quiet time mechanism silent playing system. Which enables late night practice. This Quiet time is the best silent system available. However, silent systems do impeed pianisimo playing. Some fading on the casework devalues the piano which we [...]
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Beckstein Model IV with an extremely heavy action

[embedyt][/embedyt] Touch weight will make a great difference in the playing experience. Often we focus on the tuning, but the 'feeling' of the action can alter the playing experience greatly. Marcus explores the action and potential issues with this Bechstein model IV grand piano. Buying a piano from an auction is a tricky business [...]
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