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Model D

steinway model d grand piano

ModelD (concert grand)
Length8’11 3/4″ (274 cm)
Width5′ 2″ (156 cm)
Manufactued inHamburg and New York

Our comments on this model

Steinway is still the most preferred concert grand piano used around the world. We regularly tune and restore them; they are rich and powerful in tone, with a smooth responsive touch. German Steinways are quite different to American Steinways, the hammers being toned in a very different way. As a gereralisation, German Steinways are more mellow, and American ones more strident.

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RPPianoTypeDescriptionSerial NumberYearPriceHxWxDLocationImage
280418Steinway model DGrandSOLD SOLD Steinway concert grand piano with domestic use only,; in black. 5yr g'tee5230101991£65000.00102x155x274St MichaelsPhoto of Steinway model D Grand piano