Bosendorfer 170 - Roberts Pianos

 Bosendorfer 170 Grand Piano

Price: £45,000

Rent this piano for: £350 p/m

Year 1911
Casework black
Serial Number 9451
HxWxL 99 x 151 x 172
Type Grand Piano
Guarantee 5 year g'tee
Location Oxford Shop


RENTAL ONLY. Purchase price shown is the buying price if sold at a later date; please also see videos:


This piano belongs to a client who has asked us to store it; we offer free storage for up to five years of top quality pianos provided we can rent them out to careful clients. After or during that period it may come up for sale. If you rent this piano for ten months then all the rental paid can be taken off any other piano you buy from stock.

The videos below feature this piano.


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