Feurich Model 123 – 2018 Price

Feurich model 123 Vienna


The 123 Vienna instrument is made and hand-finished in Feurich’s Austrian piano factory under the supervision of Friedrich Steinbauer and Jan Enzenauer – esteemed piano makers known for their craft and attention to detail. Traditional Feurich production processes have been combined with modern piano-building expertise to create this new prestigious range of European manufactured Feurich pianos.


133 cm (4′5″) tall
Extra large construction for exceptionally large sound
Special Paulello-designed “Rust-free” string wire
FEURICH designed action – no plastic components
Duplex Scaling for extra brilliance in tone
Sophisticated iron frame design for purity in bass register
Integrated anti-glare LED Lamp
Soft Fall System
Celeste pedal for quiet playing mode – perfect for sensitive neighbours!
Ebony polish with Brass or Chrome: £5,995

133 concert feurich upright piano

The Mod. 123 – Concert is perfectly suited to schools & conservatories, as well as small concert and recording venues. Its sound rivals that of many small grand pianos and its touch provides excellent dynamic response with a fast repetition.